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The Bold And The Beautiful RUMOUR: Did We Just Witness The Beginning Of A Paternity Storyline?


Is Steffy about to be embroiled in yet another paternity scandal?

What is it with Steffy and getting caught up in paternity scandals? She had a crisis when she slept with then-husband Liam and then-father-in-law Bill and didn’t know who Kelly’s father was. This ultimately destroyed her marriage and lead to her now-ex getting Hope pregnant.

Now, however, there is every chance time is likely to repeat itself and Steffy is about to suffer a major case of paternity déjà vu. Now, this is only a rumour, but it’s possible that there’s going to another ‘Who is the daddy?’ storyline involving the Forrester heiress. this time it will be with Liam… again, but Bill won’t be involved this time. Instead, it’ll be Doctor Finn that takes his place.

We know Steffy slept with Liam first, the night he thought he saw his wife, Hope kissing Thomas. However, in today’s episode, she also gets Finn into bed and one thing leads to another. Does that mean she’s pregnant now?

In real life, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy is pregnant with her second baby. It has been speculated that her pregnancy will be written into the show. This is not the first time a television series has done this.

During the original Charmed, Holly Marie Combs’ pregnancy was written into Season 6 which allowed them to write Drew Fuller’s character, Chris Perry into the story as Piper and Leo’s second son after he was introduced at the end of Season 5. Another example is Lisa Kudrow during her time on Friends.

How Could The Paternity Storyline Play Out? – Step One

We’ve spoken about this possible storyline in an earlier post. However, we might have another idea of how it could play out.

Now that Steffy has done the deed with both her boyfriend and her ex-husband, it could jump ahead in the timeline where she knows she is pregnant. She could be living in total bless and whatever with Finn. However, she then suddenly remembers her one night stand with Liam.

She panics and remembers what happened the last time she slept with two men and got pregnant. It’s in this moment that she realises she has two choices; she either come clean to Finn about sleeping with Liam or keep silent. She decides to tell him but will he forgive her? Who knows but he won’t be pleased to discover that she’s carrying might not be his.

Finn encourages her to tell Liam the truth. She refuses, knowing it will be destroy his marriage to Hope. The hot doc makes the point that she’s already jeopardised their relationship by sleeping with her ex-husband. He adds that while he knows it will hurt Hope, she needs to know the truth and it has to come from her hubby.

Meanwhile, The Guilt Still Eats Away At Liam… – Step Two

It’s no secret that Liam wants to tell Hope want happened between him and Steffy. Though, she told him to keep it quiet given how many other people could get hurt. By this point, Steffy’s pregnancy is public and he fears that he is the daddy. In the eyes of the family, it’s thought that Finn is the father.

With the guilt finally eating away at him, Liam decides to tell Hope that he slept with Steffy. As the Forrester heiress predicted, her stepsister takes the news badly. Despite apologising profoundly, Spencer knows he doesn’t deserve the family he has.

Beyond devastated, Hope realises that there’s a chance that Liam could be the father of Steffy’s baby. She also comes to the realisation that he still loves her.

Steffy and Finn then show up at the house and Hope lets her stepsister have it. She then concludes that the doc knows of the affair and is aware that he might not be the father of the baby.

It is decided that a paternity test should be performed to get to the bottom of the drama before the whole situation is made public.

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