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Home And Away THEORY: Could Amber Have Lied And Said Dean Is Jai’s Father Just To Win Him Back?


Dean Thompson could be headed for heartache when it comes to the paternity of son, Jai…

Now, we don’t want to alarms anyone, but there may be more heartbreak on the horizon for Dean during Home and Away’s 2021 season. There is a rumour on a Home and Away theory Facebook group – which we won’t name – that little Jai, Amber’s little boy might not be Dean’s. This has been backed up by Digital Spy but we’re not sure if this information is correct yet.

The surf instructor has had tragedy after tragedy thrown his way in the past few months and it’s not going to end if this rumour ends up being true. Jai has changed Dean for the better, even if it lost him Ziggy.

However, could this whole paternity saga have been Amber’s way of getting Dean back?

Amber’s Manipulations?

We all know that Amber is as manipulative as her mother, Francesca who plotted to destroy Dean. Though, it is possible that the younger Simmons followed suit with creating a lie that would spiral.

Amber has never made it a secret that she has always had the hots for Dean. While he knows this, he doesn’t feel the same way about him. She was also jealous of Ziggy and told her that she didn’t want her to play stepmother to Jai. This and the secret about Dean’s involvement in Colby’s murder of Ross prompted Ben and Maggie’s daughter to break up with the former River Boy.

Now, this is going to sound far-fetched but what if Amber knew that Dean isn’t her son’s father and is only using this paternity situation to get her former flame back? But, if this was the whole point of her telling him that he was Jai’s dad? Sure, it hasn’t gone down too well with her mother but it’s not her decision.

Our only question is, what would Amber actually have to gain from faking Jai’s paternity outside of pretending Dean is his father?

Paternity Lie To Break Dean?

Dean has come to adore Jai and was crushed when Amber simply disappeared with him. The little boy loves him and calls him ‘dad’. They are both going to be disappointed if the rumour turns out to be true.

Losing Ziggy, Willow, and Colby is one thing but to be told your kid isn’t actually yours is going to be massively hurtful to Dean. Now, we don’t know when this actually going to happen, if it does at all.

Dean may love Jai, but perhaps it would be less awkward for him to have no association with the Simmonses ever again. It would destroy the little boy who has come to see Dean as his old man.

Amber’s True Intentions?

What could Amber gain from faking her son’s paternity? She would get an instant family for Jai and the guy she has crushed on for years at her side. Who cares what her mother says? She certainly doesn’t and she’s well aware that Francesca hates Dean.

Perhaps Amber is using everyone to get what she wants, including her own son. However, it’s likely that there’s a reason for the deceit. Maybe she fell pregnant to some guy who is a deadbeat and passed Jai off as Dean’s to protect her bad girl rep. Remember, she slept with a LOT of guys in her past. She basically sleeps with a new guy every couple of episodes so Jai’s dad could be any man from years prior.

It was never going to be that easy. Tell Dean he’s a dad and then take the kid and run when things get difficult. Perhaps that was the reason Amber took off with Jai because she knew that her secret would get out if she stayed. Also, it’s not like Thompson has money.

Did Francesca know about her daughter’s plan? Probably not given her feelings towards Dean. If she knew about Amber’s desire to take back her ex-flame, she would’ve tried to stop it. After all, the guy was partially responsible for her son Jai’s death all those years ago.

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