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Royal RUMOUR: Did Meghan Markle Break Up With Her Ex-Boyfriend Because Of A Pasta Dish Or Was It Because Of An Affair?

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Sure, we’re about three years too late but we found this story about Meghan’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend Cory Vitiello fascinating because apparently has something to do with with a pasta dish. We’re still on the affair theory ourselves…

We got bored earlier and thought we’d type Meghan Markle and her ex-boyfriend Cory Vitiello into Google and what we found out about their breakup is somewhat fascinating. Before we go into the rumour we’ve heard, we wanted to visit an article from The Sun from April 2018. It’s alleged the bust up of the romance came about when she took credit for a pasta dish she never made.

Just reading that made us laugh. Who would’ve known that a pasta dish could cause so many issues. Anyway, it is also believed that her prima donna behaviour became a massive red flag. According to the aforementioned Sun article, their source the Daily Mail explained that Meghan would use her so-called fame to get them better seats at restaurants.

To be honest, Meghan wasn’t even all that famous at the time. She might’ve had a bit of a name in Toronto because of Suits and her connection to the Mulroneys but that is it. Only in her tiny little brain was she an A-lister.

The Affair Theory

Now, before we get into this section, we need to stress that this is all RUMOUR and speculation. We will also not being naming names in the case of alleged lovers in case we get sued for libel.

It has long be speculated that Meghan cheated on Trevor while they were married. There is a rumour that she had affairs with a hockey player and one of her male Suits co-stars. We have a couple of ideas of who it could’ve been but we’re not going to say whom we think it is.

There was at one point, an overlap of when Meghan and Harry met. It was originally said they met in May of 2016 but this got changed to two months later to July. Now, we don’t know about anyone else, but why would this be done if there wasn’t something to hide?

Not to mention, there was never any explanation behind it. Could it be possible that the pasta dish wasn’t to blame? Did Meghan have a wandering eye and get together with the prince as a level up? It’s possible but we will never know for sure.

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