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The Bold And The Beautiful: It’s Going To Be Quite The Week, Especially For Paris

Paris has quickly become one of our favourite characters on The Bold and the Beautiful but how will she react when she learns more about the Quarter affair?

Since Paris Buckingham’s arrival in Los Angeles, she has proven to be everything her sister, Zoe isn’t. She’s kind, open-minded, not at all judgemental of others and is willing to stand up to her older sibling if needed. However, in recent episodes, she’s been protective, especially given the model’s flirtations with Zende have gotten her into hot water. This week will see the social worker fall head long into the Quarter (Quinn-Carter) secret affair.

Soaps She Knows revealed their list of spoilers for this week and boy does Paris have a part to play. We’re also going to cover the aftermath of Liam and Bill’s arrests too so get ready for some major drama.

Look Out, Shauna!

Paris learns that Carter has been sleeping with Shauna, totally unaware that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Little does she realise, it’s actually Quinn who has been hitting the bedroom with the hot COO under the nose of her own husband, Eric.

Upon discovering the ‘truth’, she will have some choice words for Shauna. However, when word gets back to Flo, she’ll be surprised at her mother’s apparent actions. When she questions her well-meaning only parent, will Shauna tell her daughter what actually happened or lie and say she did sleep with Carter when she actually didn’t? Only time will tell.

If Shauna does spill the beans and throw Quinn to the wolves (in this case, Flo), will this result in Wyatt being told? It’s likely. After all, he’s struggling to deal with the big secret Bill and Liam are keeping regarding what actually happened to Vinny. If he finds out that his mother slept with Carter then there’s going to be total hell to pay.

Carter’s Guilt Eats Away At Him

While Paris is on the trail of something not being right, Carter will have to face Eric while trying to keep the truth about his affair with Quinn to himself. Question is, will he be able to do it? The Forrester patriarch has long seen the COO as another one of his sons and considers him family. Also, Ridge considers him to be another brother.

Carter isn’t a very good liar and it shows. No wonder Shauna had to step in. To make matters just that much worse, he proposes to Zoe for a second time, hoping that it will make him feel better. It’s obvious it’s not going to clear his conscience even a little bit and nor should it. He slept with his father-figure’s wife. What did he expect was going to happen?

It has been theorised by Soaps She Knows that when the truth comes out (and it will eventually) that it might be the push the story needs for Zoe’s departure. Kiara Barnes is now on another show and has since left Bold. If this is how the model exits then will it be Paris that tells her about Carter’s fling with her so-called ‘friend’, Quinn?

Bill’s Plan Backfires In A Major Way And Hope Turns To Justin For Help

Last week we saw Liam and then Bill turn themselves in to Deputy Chief Baker regarding the hit-and-run that killed Thomas’ best friend, Vinny. The mogul thought that if he turned himself in, his son would be let go. Sorry, Dollar Bill but it doesn’t work that way. You BOTH committed a crime and covered it up.

Meanwhile, a desperate Hope turns to Bill’s majordomo, Justin to get her husband out of prison. But will the lawyer agree to help her. This jumps off a comment Bill says last week that Barber will have him out within the hour. Yeah, something tells us that’s not what will happen anytime soon.

Elsewhere, Ridge tells Thomas about the development in Vinny’s case and well, let’s just say it’s not what the fashion designer had in mind. We know he wants revenge on the person who killed his friend, but he never expected in a million years that it would be Liam who hit Walker. Not for a second. Does Ridge have to worry about his son going back to the dark side? Let’s hope he doesn’t because we’ve been liking Tommy boy lately.

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