How Can Prince Harry Portray Himself As The Perfect Parent When He’s Only Been A Father For Two Years?


Prince Harry thinks he has cracked the key to parenting…

It was going to happen and it didn’t take very long for it to happen. Prince Harry has basically claimed that he has cracked to the code of parenting. Give us a freaking break. This all comes when he trashed his father and paternal grandparents for how they were raised during either the Armchair Expert podcast or the Apple TV garbage he produced.

First off, Harry has no right to compare his own parenting techniques to how his father and grandparents were raised. Secondly, he’s only been a parent for TWO YEARS. Also, when Prince Charles, The Queen, and Prince Philip were born, it was a very different time. They were raised by nannies because their parents were always away on duties, rather than raising their children themselves.

When Diana came on the scene, she changed royal parenting and wanted to have a hands-on approach to how her children were raised. This is the same technique William is using with George, Charlotte, and Louis who are turning out to be very normal kids. Harry should be crediting his mother for having such a positive influence to how his nephews and niece are turning out. But, no. He feels by slamming his father and grandparents that people will sympathise with him. Why would the world do that when he’s coming across as spoilt and entitled?

Despite only being twelve when his mother died, Harry doesn’t see the larger picture; Diana wasn’t perfect. She courted the press just as much as they did her. The prince needs to wake to the truth but he can’t do that until he stops following Meghan’s example. He has basically become the male version of her and it shows more than he probably realises and it shows.

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