Prince Harry’s Paranoia Is Quite Obvious


Prince Harry’s paranoid behaviour shows us that he is the trapped one…

Meghan Markle has really done a number on her husband, Prince Harry. He has become so paranoid that his wife is going to meet the same fate as his mother that he had to move them to the United States. This is evident in the fictionalised retelling of Megxit in Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace as seen in the Markle News Instagram account. The whole thing has been made out to look like that the monarchy is a cult that the Sussexes had to escape from.

We know the monarchy is ancient and follows traditions. However, there have been times where these have been broken. Look at the situation with the Queen deciding ‘Never Complain, Never Explain’ mantra was no longer going to work as mentioned by 7New Australia.

The paranoid and very woke couple say one thing that contradicts something else they have said in the past. Let’s not forget that Harry has said that is totally random and not even relevant to the true narrative. One example of this is during the Me You Can’t See, when the Duke claims his mother died because she was dating someone who was not Caucasian as per the Daily Mail. This could not be further from the truth. He’s using the lies Meghan is giving him about how his family is ‘racist’ towards her and applying it to his mum.

Diana’s Relationship Before Dodi Was With Hasnat Khan

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Harry was likely too young to recall that his mother was involved with Heart and Lung Surgeon Hasnat Khan prior to her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Also, the press no interest in who the Princess of Wales was dating. The night Diana died, the paparazzi were chasing her because she was the most photographed woman in the world at the time. It has nothing to do with her chosen partner.

During Diana’s separation from Prince Charles, she and Dr. Khan were involved for two years from 1995-1997, just prior to her relationship with Dodi. Also, much of her romance with the surgeon was private as this is how he wanted it to be. The person who did not approve of the Princess’ relationship with Hasnat Khan was her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, according to Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler and friend in an article in TIME. He says Frances Shand Kydd did not agree with her daughter’s choice of partner was because Dr. Khan was Muslim.

Going back to Harry, he believes everyone is racist because this is what Meghan is feeding him and for the last five years, he has fallen hook, line, and sinker for this mistruth.

Jumping At Shadows, But…

DNA; paranoid
[Credit: The Telegraph]

According to an article by The Sun in October 2020, it is alleged that even Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas thought the prince was ‘damaged’.

Anyway, the article says that Cressida told friends that Harry ‘had a neurosis about the media’. He’d complain about the paparazzi being around when they were not. In other words, he was paranoid long before Meghan came around.

Harry has a habit of courting the press but he doesn’t do it in the same way Meghan does it. No, he does a docuseries and a slandering interview with Oprah Winfrey. Also, he went to the press after Archie was born to announce the baby’s arrival. Before that, there was the engagement interview, the photocall in the Sunken Gardens, and the engagement photos which sparked outrage due to the price of Markle’s dress as per Tribune.

That doesn’t appear to be the qualities of a man who hates being in the public eye. Then, there was the tomfoolery at the Diana Statue unveiling. We could go on forever but won’t as we’ve got dignity.

Meghan’s Apparent Belittling Of Harry

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A little while ago we posted about Meghan and Harry allegedly being kicked out of Tyler Perry’s house. We’ve also done a post on how they’ve been mooching off other celebrities. Anyway, during the TP post, it is alleged that Meghan started screaming at Harry. It is alleged she told him that he would never amount to anything unless he did as she told him. It was during this that she apparently said he would always be in his brother’s shadow.

Given Meghan’s history of ghosting people, it shouldn’t be of any surprise this is how she treats her own husband who also happens to be the father of her children. If there’s one person who should be paranoid, it’s Markle because stories are coming out about her behaviour. Look at the story that was put out prior to the Oprah interview about the bullying allegations at Kensington Palace. Then, there’s the probe that is currently investigating the claims that also includes what allegedly happened in Australia.

Also, Meghan hasn’t sued Valentine Low or The Times over the bullying claims so that makes us 1000% believe it. The Times is a serious publication that wouldn’t publish something without having enough proof to back up what they’re saying. Not to mention, it is alleged that the Sussexes have put together a 30-page dossier to justify their behaviour as per The Sun. This goes hand in hand with the claim Prince William went ‘ballistic’ when he was told about Jason Knauf’s own dossier of proof against Meghan as chronicled by

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