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Babes Against Bullshit: Paparazzi – Is Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex Obsessed With Fame?

[Credit: Spotify – Paparazzi by Lady Gaga]

Being famous isn’t everything. It doesn’t bring eternal happiness nor does it bring with it a fountain that spurts unlimited money. I’ve been observing the movements of one, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex and it appears that she has an obsession with fame. A lot of people have said across a load of questions that have been asked across the Quora website. The paparazzi seem to love her and she is alleged to adore them. However, she has a blatant disregard for what the term ‘double standards’ actually means.

She claims she and husband Prince Harry want privacy, but every chance she is gets, she’s always seeking out the camera. I was outside with my headphones synced (via bluetooth) to my phone and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga was the song playing. Now, as I was walking in the paddock (I live on acreage) a piece of the song (via Az Lyrics) caught my attention:

But I won’t stop until that boy is mine
Baby, you’ll be famous
Chase you down until you love me

Lyrics From Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

This (to me) sounded a hell of a lot like Meghan before she married Harry. I’ve seen enough posts on Quora to see how people view the former actress; a woman who uses rich men to further herself. Look at what happened with her ex-husband. Her former best friend said their friendship was over when she [the BFF] sided with the former hubby.

Even now, the duchess is still seeking out fame because of the following:

  • she has a foreign title
  • tried (and failed) to capitalise on the word ‘royal’
  • she is married to one of the most recognised men in the world
  • she is a daughter-in-law of the future King of England
  • she’s a former actress with a ‘big heart’

Crying To H

[Credit: Vogue]

Meghan has Harry wrapped around her little finger. He will do anything to ‘protect’ her and she knows about his insecurities regarding the press. If things are not going her way, she’ll jump on the ‘poor me’ train and her husband will ‘defend’ her.

Look at the statement that was put out when they were dating. This appeared to be sweet at first as Harry wanted to protect his newest lady love. However, as time went on, it wasn’t a cry for help. It was Meghan’s way of throwing a tantrum and calling the press ‘racist’. Not to mention, she used his hatred for the media to her advantage.

The Media Circus Of A Wedding

[Credit: People]

Meghan’s admiration and apparent obsession for being famous is evident with her need to have the biggest and most elegant wedding. She even allegedly took Princess Eugenie’s nuptial date because she wanted to be the first one down the aisle.

If I’m honest, Meghan and Harry’s wedding was nothing compared to Eugenie and Jack’s. Sure they added aspects of black culture to the ceremony and that’s amazing. But there were things that were unnecessary. Here’s a list:

  • Meghan’s desire to wear a veil when she’s been married before
  • the need for the ceremony to take place in a church
  • the A-list guests
  • the alleged fight over the tiara
  • the sum Meghan literally pulled out of her ass when she said that her wedding created 1 billion pounds for the British economy

The New York Baby Shower

[Credit: Page Six]

Fast forward to just before Archie was born and the Duchess had a baby shower in her home country of America with the help from A-list friends. One of these people was Amal Clooney. Oprah’s BFF Gayle King was also in attendance. The featured image is from that event. Notice all the paparazzi? Meghan’s love being famous has lead to a mountain of headaches for the royal family.

It’s reported that royal expectant mothers are not supposed to have baby showers. This is something I’m not sure I believe. I think I heard somewhere that Catherine had one when she was pregnant with Prince George but she didn’t go to America to have it. Business Insider Australia reported at the time of Archie’s birth that Meghan’s baby shower cost an estimated US$200,000.

Now I understand why the palace was likely pissed when they heard how much money was spent. Meghan’s need of constant attention has become obvious as there was even rumours of a ‘conspiracy’ against her, according to 9Honey.

What Finding Freedom Revealed About Meghan’s Thirst For Fame

powerful; paparazzi
[Credit: Vanity Fair]

I have not read Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Sussex biography Finding Freedom in full but I have flipped through excerpts. Did my views on Meghan change at all? Not a chance. It’s obvious these two ‘journalists’ are Markle superfans who want people see that MM is a nice person who means no harm.

However, there was something I discovered about Meghan to be… not exactly surprising. According to the Mirror, a section of Finding Freedom revealed that when she starring as Rachel Zane on Suits, the now-duchess set up photo ops for herself. Not to mention, she even provided media outlets with the occasional tidbit for stories.

What We Know From Lady Colin Campbell’s New Book

[Credit: Meghan’s Fashion]

When I read the Finding Freedom piece of information, I cannot say I was surprised. This basically goes with the story that came out a while ago from a vast array of outlets including the Toronto Sun that Meghan wanted to be the most famous person the world. She allegedly said this to her advisers. This information came from Lady Colin Campbell’s most recent book, Harry and Meghan: The True Story.

Now, I know how many people feel about Lady Colin Campbell. Many see her as a nuisance who ‘doesn’t know what she’s talking about’. Lady C, as she is well known has written four biographies on the royals. Yes, some of her theorising has gotten her into a bit of hot water, but some of her information has been proven to be correct. An example would be Princess Diana’s struggle with bulimia and her affair with James Hewitt. These were proven to be true.

However, when it comes to Harry and Meghan, it is alleged that they tried to prevent Lady C’s book from coming out before Finding Freedom which they’ve denied they had any role in. We beg to differ.

The War Against The Media

suing, paparazzi
[Credit: Barron’s]

Meghan and Harry have waged a war against the media and the paparazzi that they are never going to win. They claim to want privacy and every time something negative is written about the duchess, the couple sues. The couple are trying to push political correctness when it’s not necessary. The more they attempt to ‘make things right’, the press is only to write more negativity.

The Duchess has never liked the way the royal family has run and didn’t go along with their ‘never complain, never explain’ rule. She wanted the world to believe that she was good person who never did anything wrong and that she was better than sister-in-law, Catherine.

Harry claims that every time he hears a flash of a camera go off, he is transported back to what happened to his mother. Yes, I get that he was only a 12 year old kid when Diana died. Her passing was tragic and while I understand he wants to protect his wife and child against the same fate.

What I cannot get my head around is that if they want privacy, why are they engaging in public speaking? What’s with the photo ops where they know there will be cameras? Fine, be wary of the media but don’t cry foul of every person in the press. Not all photographers are bad, and neither are all journalists.

Then, there’s the whole ‘the press is racist’ drivel they keep bringing up. Yes, there are some media outlets who have it out for Meghan because she’s biracial. Not all of the press is like that.

My Thoughts

There is so much I could say about Meghan’s behaviour that makes me want to scream from the rooftops of her and Harry’s Santa Barbara home. I was raised to respect all cultures and not to judge the colour of a person’s skin. I don’t have an issue with the duchess’ heritage nor do I care that she is biracial.

In the beginning, I loved that she was a breath of fresh air for the British Royal family. However, over time I realised that her behaviour is the issue and people seem to take offence because she is half-African-American. It should never be about race. Ever. It should always be about the way a person behaves and Meghan is proving herself to be your standard tantrum throwing diva who thought she could be a princess and not have to put in any work.

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