Palace Aides Come Out Swinging At Harry And Meghan!

palace aides

No one insults The Queen and gets away with it! Palace Aides have come out swinging at Harry and Meghan…

The Palace aides are incredibly loyal to the Queen and will not tolerate anything negative being said, regardless if those words are coming from a royal family member. The Sun reports that the an aide close to Her Majesty has referred to the Oprah interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did as “verging on treasonous”. Ouch times infinity! The article also states that it upset not just The Prince of Wales, but the Duke of Cambridge as well.

Other Palace aides have said that Meghan and Harry’s claims “are an incredible act of disloyalty”. Now, everything that they are saying has to be 100% true and here’s why. The Sussexes have nothing but complain about their lives and have spent money like it is going out of fashion! The Duke of Sussex might claim he has great respect for his grandmother, but the truth is as clear as day. He no longer cares for what The Queen stands for.

The Queen has loved Harry for the moment he was born, but to allow his wife to walk all over him like a doormat just goes to show how out of hand the family feud has become. The Palace aides who have spoken out have every right to have their say as they are loyal to their monarch They are the ones that advise her, but it is her decision whether she takes that advice or not.

While these are the people that Meghan and Diana both despise, they are in place for a reason. They are there if the monarch has a difficult time picking a decision. With that being said, it up to the Palace aides to choose a choice of action.

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