Finding Freedom: Prince Harry And Meghan Did Not Contribute To New Biography And Felt The Cambridges Got The Best Engagements

The hits just keep coming. The first excerpts from the new Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom have revealed that there was a lot of animosity between the Wales brothers. However, there is one thing we found surprising; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did NOT contribute to the book.

As we move into the final three episodes of Stargirl season 1, there’s still a lot of mysteries surrounding the Mahkents, especially Cameron who we’ve seen so little of. Yet, he plays the role of Courtney’s love interest while also being oblivious to his father’s plan to control six of America’s states. Could one tiny event cause this teenager to discover the truth about more than just Jordan? Could he discover he has the same icy powers and does this lead him down a dark path?

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