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The Bold And The Beautiful: What We Know About Sally’s Outrageous Plan To Keep Herself Tied To Wyatt

Sally Spectra II’s mind-boggling plan to reel Wyatt back to her side was stupid. Now, she’s got an outrageous pregnancy plan where she wants a permanent tie to her ex.

Is Sally turning into Steffy? We sure hope not! The scheming redhead might be out of luck now that Flo knows she’s not actually dying and wants to tell Wyatt everything. However, if new spoilers for upcoming episodes are any indication, she has to change things around and will come up with an outrageous pregnancy plan in order to have a permanent tie to ‘the love of her life’.

Good luck on that front, Sally!

What We Know So Far About Sally’s Outrageous Pregnancy Plan

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We’ve seen Sally’s fake illness play out and we fell for the trap she set. It was teased someone was going to kick the bucket and we thought it was going to be her. However, we realised and so did a lot of other fans, that she was playing everyone to get sympathy. Her work is being showcased in the Forrester Couture Collection as a tribute to her legacy as a designer. To top it off, she successfully conned Wyatt into allowing her to move back in.

So, now that her secret is out to some people, Sally is going to need to re-evaluate. She wants to get pregnant by Wyatt in order to keep him at her side. Talk about an outrageous pregnancy plan. From what the spoilers mention, Penny and Flo are going to be horrified and are going to try to talk her out of it.

How could she get this to work? Well, she’s going to try and seduce him and allow it to proceed from there. Though, there is no guarantee that she’ll get pregnant the first time. She should know that seducing someone can only get you so far. Look at Steffy for example. She has been caught up in her own lie one too many times and she’s lost Liam every time to Hope or Ivy when she was on the show.

Also, we could also see her fake being pregnant if she struggles and then use a false bump to con Wyatt into thinking she is. Though, we doubt this will happen as it’s too simple.

When Will These Episodes Air?

Sally’s plan will be explored as soon as next week when the show returns in the US. Though, we’re not sure when she was actually put her scheme into motion and if she’ll be able to convince gullible Wyatt that she’s still sick. We can just imagine what’s she’s going to say to seduce him. Honestly, it makes us sick.

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