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Chronicles Of Harkle: Harry And Meghan To Do Tell-All Interview With Oprah… Surprise, Surprise


We all saw this coming a mile off. Harry and Meghan will be doing a 90-minute tell-all interview with the Queen of Media, Oprah that will air in March. I can see this being a victim narrative where all they do is blame the royal family for all the times they were rejected and how they weren’t understood. When I was scrolling through Twitter in the early hours of this morning, I couldn’t help in my sleepy daze but roll my eyes.

Meghan knew how beneficial having Oprah as an ally was going to be. She couldn’t even begin to understand how insulting it is to so many who follow the royal family to have an American talk show host feeding of the lies of an ego-drunk narcissist like Markle. I don’t like having to say things like this. but this is the life she wanted when she married Harry. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Her goal was to turn Harry who adored his family against them. It got to the point where he started defending her to his brother who was only looking out for his best interests. Also, the prince had the nerve to call the future King of England a ‘snob’ for not accepting his choice of bridge. This whole thing makes me want to cry for William and Catherine.

The Cambridges were always going to be the bigger couple. I’m not saying that because I’m a fan. The reason I am even bringing this up is because they’ve caused very few controversies in the ten years they’ve been married. Sure, there is the plane/jet thing but Harry and Meghan were called out for that too though they didn’t seem to listen to anyone but their own egos.

How Is Oprah Going To Ease Over Tensions?

[Credit: Insider]

Okay, now I want to know how the hell Oprah is going to smooth over tensions with Harry, Meghan, and the royal family. Here’s the thing, though. She’s not. Knowing her loyalty to Markle hence the super latté stunt on Instagram, Ms Winfrey is only going to make the situation worse. Though, it won’t be entirely her fault.

Meghan is only going to discard Oprah once she has what she wants; a tell-all people aren’t going to be able to ignore. She basically ditched her ‘high profile’ friends from Suits. Patrick J. Adams who played her partner on the series once said that since the royal wedding they haven’t spoken in person, according to Marie Claire UK. He has claimed he is ‘scared’ to. Can’t say I blame the man. Though, he did say they had texted a few times.

Going back to Oprah, Meghan knows how influential she [Winfrey] is. She’s not about to let an opportunity like this pass her by. Frankly, it’s pathetic. The Queen of US Talk Shows is not Doctor Phil. She’s not a therapist. If I’m being totally honest here, this whole interview is going to be a trainwreck like Prince Andrew’s was.

It is well-known that an interview with Oprah can make or break someone’s career. Meghan would know this and she is cashing on how it’s going to pan out. However, like I’ve said for a while now. The world is tired of having to listen to her and Harry harp on about how unfair their lives are.

All the Oprah interview is going to be is another merch advertising stunt. Meghan will probably wear some elaborate outfit that will show up on Meghan’s Mirror within hours. She knows this as it doesn’t take a genius to realise how influential royal women are.

The Interview Will Be Mostly About Meghan

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Now, when the synopsis/press release came out for the Oprah interview, it did not surprise me that it will be mostly about Meghan. This was a truly an eye-rolling moment. The former actress has never been shy about her ties to Winfrey. After all, her wedding to Harry was just a massive networking opportunity to have a load of A-list celebrities there. I did a post on this.

From what the press release says, the interview will a prime time special that will talk with Meghan about becoming a royal, marriage, motherhood and her work as a philanthropist. The palace is running around with their tails between their legs because they had no idea and they’re afraid of what she might say.

My best bet is that she’s going to throw the entire royal family under the bus. Though, her initial target could be William and Catherine. Harry is likely to follow suit. So such for ‘patching up’ the tension with his family. This Oprah interview is nothing more than is a publicity stunt to garner sympathy.

Finding Freedom backfired on Meghan in the most spectacular way possible. There is no way the world was going to believe that she didn’t feed information to Omid Scobie. After all, he did date her friend Markus Anderson.

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