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Oprah Says Integrity Is The Most Important Thing To Her; Where Was The Compassion When The Sussex Squad Was Trolling Catherine And Prince George?


Oprah is all about integrity but where was it when Harry and Meghan’s nephew Prince George and sister-in-law Catherine were being hounded by trolls?

We use to have a lot of respect for Oprah. She built her media empire up from nothing. Not to mention, she is one of the richest and most influential women on the face of the Earth. As amazing as this feat is, she is blinded by the stories of other wealthy individuals who say they were hard done by when they weren’t. Yes, some rich people are genuine with their feelings but much of the time these people simply want sympathy to repair their tattered reputations.

Since the interview with Meghan and Prince Harry, we’ve been turned off by the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity Oprah has shown. The so-called ‘tell-all’ was not fact-checked and she believed every single thing that fell out of the Sussexes’ mouths.

Now, Ms. Winfrey is meant to be intelligent. The chat with the two royals wasn’t an ‘interview’. It was a slam fest to get back at the royal family for not giving them what they wanted; free rein to do what they wanted. There was plenty of support for Meghan when she claimed to be suicidal. She was taught the ropes and had people help her but she just didn’t want it. In fact, it was all over the media that Samantha Cohen and an array of people were helping her adjust to her new life. All this was spelled out in an article by Harper’s Bazaar which is a Sussex-friendly publication.

The Cambridges Cope The Blame For Meghan And Harry’s Unhappiness

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Oprah is a journalist and has done plenty of interviews before the trainwreck Sussex whine-fest. The reason we bring this up is because since the interview went public, the royals, more specifically the Cambridges have come under fire from the Sussex Squad. All this comes after Meghan told Ms. Winfrey that her sister-in-law, Catherine made her cry prior to her 2018 wedding when it was the total opposite.

We’ve reported one how Meghan allegedly bullied Princess Charlotte with the help of her then-BFF Jessica Mulroney which ended up resulting in the dress not fitting properly. Also, it was reported either before or after the wedding, Catherine had to give Meghan a dressing down when she was told that she’d been yelling at the staff, according to Micky.

How the hell can Oprah think that disrespecting the staff is okay? Oh, wait. She doesn’t research or verify anything so she just believed Meghan when she said Catherine made her cry during the bridesmaid dresses fittings.

Also, another reason we bring this up is that our amazing followers have been talking on Twitter, and they found an article by Oprah Daily celebrating Prince George’s eighth birthday. Usually, we wouldn’t think anything of it, but this is Oprah. A BFF of the Sussexes who gave them a platform to trash the royals. While the article wasn’t written by her, it was put out by a publication she owns. It’s a bit hypocritical when the said owner believes the Sussexes and promotes people’s ‘truth’ instead of the actual truth.

Umm… yeah. That is a great way to promote yourself by pretending to care about a child your bestie didn’t want in her wedding party.

What Integrity?

There was an article published by Oprah Daily in April written by Lady O herself that talks about how integrity means everything to her. Where was it when Catherine ended up getting death threats because of your pal, Meghan telling the world what an awful person she was before covering her own ass by showering her with praise? Are you really THAT naive, Oprah?

Going back over to Prince George, where was Oprah’s integrity when the future king was attacked online while attending a soccer match with his parents and being excited? She didn’t come out to condemn the trolls who issued death threats towards him. He is an 8-year-old child for god’s sake! If she cared all at all, she would’ve looked deeper into what Harry and Meghan were saying before going on camera and doing her ‘What?’ face when the alleged conversation about Archie’s skin colour came up.

Doesn’t she have biracial couple friends (outside of Meghan and Harry) who have questioned their child’s skin colour before they’ve been born? It’s not offensive as a lot of people have said on Twitter. Also, we use this example a lot but look at Candace Owens. Her son is biracial and she hasn’t raised an issue with it. Her husband is white.

The one thing we don’t understand is that Meghan allegedly was not there when the ‘concern’ was made. It was said to Harry who told her. Who twisted it? Did they both twist it in order to lay blame on the family?

Knowing those two, everything is likely to come crashing down around them and they’re going to be screaming racism or whatever else.

Prince William Steps Up To Protect His Family

[Credit: CafeMom]

Prince William is a stand-up guy who is a supportive son to Prince Charles, a loving husband to Catherine, and a devoted papa to George, Charlotte, and Louis. Once upon a time, he was a dedicated big brother to Harry and would only ever look out for his best interests. Unlike his brother, he would never allow his temper to get the better of him.

It has been mentioned on the grapevine that Prince William does have a temper but he doesn’t allow it to explode in public. While this is simply a rumour, we think everyone has a temper to some degree but some people are better at reigning it in than others.

Harry is definitely not on that list. William is though because he doesn’t want people to think he’s not suitable to be king.

Anyway, what amazes us about William is how he will protect his family. Look at how he attended Catherine’s engagement after Meghan threw her under the bus during Oprah’s interview. When a journalist asked if the royal family was racist, William had two options; ignore the question or answer it. He answered it. If he hadn’t, it would give the press the chance to do what Meghan and Harry expected they would do; print untrue articles. After all, the Sussexes used the ‘never complain, never explain’ mantra to their advantage.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, Catherine and William decided to pull George out of any other public outings for the time being because of the trolling he was enduring. This goes to show what amazing parents they are. If their child is being attacked, they will protect them at all costs. After what happened, it was surprising they put out a birthday photo. The public would’ve understood if they hadn’t.

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