Meghan Markle Will Not Postpone Oprah Interview Despite Grandfather-In-Law Prince Philip’s Ill Health – Makes The Claim The Palace Is Using His Ailment To ‘Muzzle’ Her


Meghan is grasping at straws if she thinks the Palace is trying to ‘muzzle’ her in an attempt to ‘postpone’ the Oprah interview…

Shut up, Meghan! The Palace is not trying to get you to postpone your precious interview with Oprah. Nor are they trying to ‘muzzle’ you. They want you to pay respect to Prince Philip if his health gets worse, oh no, wait. You only care about yourself! The Daily Mail is right to call you out!

With bullying allegations running through the media the last few days, it has come to no one’s surprise that Meghan Markle is trying to quash the revelations about her alleged treatment of staff during her time at Kensington Palace.

It is clear that the former actress will do anything to bring down the monarchy because she didn’t get what she wanted. Grow up, woman! You will NEVER be as important the Queen – you remember her, right? The woman you said you admired – or Prince Philip. They have given their lives to their country. What have you done, Megs? Complained and whined about how she wasn’t ‘supported’ and how she was ‘silenced’. That is not compassion or gratitude.

The interview with Oprah which airs this week will open a can of worms, but it will not postpone the fact that it will backfire on them the same way Prince Andrew’s did on him. If something does happen to Philip than Meghan will be screaming from the rooftops claiming that the palace is faking the seriousness of the Duke of Edinburgh’s health.

That is the narrative her friends have allegedly spun to the media when talking about how the pressure is being put on her and Harry to postpone the interview. She doesn’t care about Philip and it’s all laid out in how she has apparently said that what she and her husband talk about with Oprah has nothing to do with the Queen’s spouse.

Harry Once Again Has Zero Say

[Credit: The Mirror]

Meghan is too up herself to postpone the interview in the event that something horrible befalls Prince Philip. If she wants to think that the palace is faking the fact that he’s sick then she’s not sympathetic at all to anyone but herself. Though, where does that put Harry? After all, the Duke is his grandfather.

Well, according to the already linked Daily Mail article, he has zero say in whether to postpone the interview is something terrible befell his grandfather. Why? Because Meghan doesn’t want him [Philip and his health] to get in the way of their tell-all. She thinks that the world will fall over itself and apologise for not sticking up for them.

Harry needs to get out of that marriage once the baby’s born. He should take the kids and leave. His wife is telling him how they need to live their lives and that includes abandoning ailing relatives. Look at how she treated her own father as a prime example.

Meghan claims to be always be wanting women to have a voice but what about men? She is not giving her husband one. She might’ve abandoned her whole family, but he can still be there for his. If Prince Philip dies between now and the interview airing, she’s going to stop Harry from going back to the UK to be there for his grandmother. Then, we have no doubt if this happens, he will see what she’s really like.

Sorry, not sorry.

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