Sussex Drama: Just How Much Damage Could The Oprah Interview Cause?

Oprah Interview; step away

Prince Harry and Meghan’s upcoming Oprah interview is going to cause even more damage to their reputations…

Hold onto to your hats people because Harry and Meghan are about to do the rumoured tell-all chat that has been doing the rounds for the past year or so. However, this Oprah interview is going to be just as disastrous as the Prince Andrew interview where it is alleged he didn’t sweat. Now, we have a LOT of thoughts on this. We’ve already done a Chronicles of Harkle post on the sit down with the Queen of Media Oprah Winfrey. This is just asking whether it would be causing more upset than it already has once it goes to air.

The Oprah interview is going to be a head spinner because it’s going to be is a Sussex pity party. There is no doubt that they’re going to pull the same stunt they did with Finding Freedom biography. It read like Meghan’s journal where Catherine was the mean ugly sister-in-law. Markle was the poor and abused Cinderella looking for her escape.

William and Catherine are the most amazing human beings. If you watch their videos on their Instagram account, they’re genuine and heartfelt. Harry and Meghan are the polar opposite. They sprout their infamous salads of words. Then they preach about kindness and when they’ve been horrible to the royal family and the Markle and Ragland families.

Oprah is has worked for three years to get Harry and Meghan to tell their story. However, we all know this was the whole reason the Queen of Media was invited to the wedding in 2018. This was all Markle wanting to trash the royal family to ‘get even’ with them… for what reason?!

She got invited to events Catherine had to work towards. You didn’t see William complaining that his bride wasn’t included.

Oprah Is Gullible If She Believes Meghan And Harry’s Sob Story

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As awesome as Oprah is, she would have to be real gullible if she believes Meghan and Harry’s sob story. You don’t need to be a mindreader to know they’re going to make allegations of racism, sexism, and bullying. There’s likely going to be the Sugars saying that everything in the Oprah interview is true but they’re going with the Harkle flow.

If Oprah is smart, she will remain impartial to the truth. She’s a well-known interviewer who knows how to make her subjects feel comfortable enough to spill their guts. There is no doubt that Harry and Meghan are just going to continue lying.

Meghan’s stunt at Christmas where she sent Oprah a basket of $28 super lattés was just her way of buttering her up even more. We’ve all seen the Instagram video of Lady O gushing about her neighbour “M” complete with a crown emoji. We know that Markle loves using people to get what she wants. Though, she better not cross Winfrey. If the former Queen of daytime talk shows discovers she is being played, there’s going to be absolute hell to pay.

Also, depending on how sympathetic Oprah will be towards the Sussexes, it is going to weight heavily on the royal family back in England. As stated before, this be the Prince Andrew interview but on a greater level. Could this be a topic that comes up in the tell-all? Who knows as nothing will be off limits.

The Okay Factor

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Another point we know will be definitely bought up is the Africa tour “No one asked me if I was okay” crap Meghan harped on about. She mentioned it in her op-ed in the New York Times when she spoke about her miscarriage.

There is no way Oprah would be dumb enough to not ask her precious neighbour “M” about whether she is okay. The whole thing makes us want to throw the laptop out the window. However, we won’t so don’t worry.

Meghan will push this narrative during the Oprah interview that she did not get a great reception from the Firm when we know she did. There is bound to be a load of shit about how the Cambridges were cruel to them and other nonsense that makes our skin crawl.

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