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The Difference Between Pippa Middleton Talking To The Press About Catherine And Thomas Markle Talking About Meghan

Pippa Middleton is allowed to talk about her sister and her opinion matters. However, Thomas Markle cannot do the same with his daughter, Meghan. We break down the differences…

When you’re the younger sister of the future Princess Consort of England, people are going to ask you for your opinion. In an interview dating back to 2014, now disgraced journalist Matt Lauer sat down with a then-30-year-old Pippa Middleton, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister to talk about her more famous sibling, according to E Online at the time. She even spoke about how close she and Kate were and how they supported each other. This was never met with any fanfare or protests that could’ve lead to an estrangement.

Now, we’re going to draw on another royal relative’s experience with talking about their own relation. This person is Thomas Markle. In recent years, he has become estranged from his youngest daughter, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. The reason for this is quite stupid; he has been talking to the press about her. Okay, now before all the Sugars reading this have a field day, just hear us out.

There is little difference between Pippa talking about Catherine and Thomas doing the same with Meghan. While the dad-of-three gives his opinion on his daughter and the treatment he has gotten from her, the royal sister doesn’t shade Kate at all. Tom does and calls her out multiple times.

It needs to be made apparent here as well that Pippa doesn’t speak press out whereas Thomas does. Yes, what Meghan is doing in abandoning her father is wrong. However, he shouldn’t be making the same mistake in thinking that his daughter will see him on television and reach other. She has made it perfectly clear that he is dead to her. When he was in hospital after his heartache, she never once asked how he was.

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