The Biggest Scandal Of 2019 Is… The College Admissions Scandal aka Operation: Varsity Blues

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2019 has been full of controversy. The news has flooded media coverage about the College Admissions Scandal or Operation: Varsity Blues. We’ll relive the biggest scandal of the year before Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli show up for their court trial in 2020.

Operation: Varsity Blues is the scandal that broke Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and Olivia Jade’s careers. The two actresses and BeautyTuber have spent the last nine months hiding.

On December 1, Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade returned to YouTube with the video, ‘hi again’. Girl needs to invest in spell check for her terrible grammar if you ask us! 

A few weeks prior to this, Huffman did her two weeks in prison for her role in Operation: Varsity Blues. The actress has expressed her remorse in having her daughter, Sophia’s test results altered. She saw the pain she put her child through when the news came out.

Sophia Macy, who allegedly has a learning disability found herself horrified at her mother’s actions. She even asked why Felicity thought she couldn’t get into college on her own merits. Note her father, William H. Macy wasn’t arrested or charged. It is clear their daughter knew zilch about the misconduct. Also, Huffman has stated the reason she didn’t mention her child’s disability was because she did not want Sophia’s neuropsychologist to get caught up in the scandal.

The World Reacts To Operation: Varsity Blues

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When the scandal broke, YouTubers took to their beloved platform to express their opinions. Most were unsympathetic towards those involved in Operation: Varsity Blues. Not to mention Olivia Jade’s career as a beauty influencer flatlined. To make her life more of a hell, she broke up with her boyfriend, but flip-flopped a few months later. Shows how desperate she is if you ask us.

We’re concerned about the kids who wanted to attend to these prestigious universities but couldn’t because the wealthy thought they’d bribe their children’s ways in.

The one person in this whole situation we can’t get over is Lori Loughlin. She convinced herself she’d done right by her daughters. Some sources claim Lori became hellbent on having her daughters attend USC. She would not accept them going anywhere else.

Now, why would Loughlin want her spoilt offspring going to a certain school? She wanted to brag to her even richer friends that her girls attended such a respective educational institution.

Olivia Jade And Bella Giannulli: Stealers Of Crew Team Spots

Operation: Varsity Blues
[Credit: Inquisitr]

Earlier in the year at the beginning of our coverage, we learned something disturbing. As we scoured for reactions, we found a video by a rower who claimed Olivia had stolen her spot on the USC crew team.

The timing of her spot being taken occurred around the same time the Giannulli sisters applied to USC is too much of a coincidence. Rick Singer would’ve worked his ‘magic’ to have his people create fake sporting profiles for the girls and to bribe the coach.

What makes this even more outlandish is when Olivia returned to YouTube, she didn’t seem remorseful for what happened. This is her most viewed video which now has 5.1million views. The video boosted her annual income back into the hundred thousands range as seen on Social Blade.

Lori’s Ignorance

Operation: Varsity Blues
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Lori Loughlin considers herself a famous A lister. FYI, lady! You were the Queen of the Hallmark movie scene and you starred as Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House. You’re still a D-lister! You haven’t won major awards! You’re not an Academy Award winner like Felicity Huffman is! Though, Lori’s being nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and won two Young Artist Awards and a PRISM Award.

Lori images she can just buy her way out of trouble by saying she tried to help her daughters. She also failed to listen to Olivia.

In various interviews, she has stated she wanted her daughters to go because she herself never did. Meanwhile, Mossimo faked his way through his time at USC before he dropped out.

Lori has a hard time realising that while her family has money, they’re amateur wealthy. Why? Well where they live in Bel Air, there are other families who generate far more money. We reckon Lori is insecure of not having the same level of wealth as her neighbours.

However, where does she get off thinking she’s better than those who are wealthier than her? She only wanted Olivia and Bella to go to USC for the bragging rights. We can see her going, “Look at my family! My daughters are going to USC!”

Big fricking deal! If someone’s kid got into MIT, sure they’d be celebrating but they wouldn’t go overload about it. She might consider herself a big star, when you examine her net worth, she’s not as a wealthy as celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez.

Lori And Mossimo Need To Consider Their Decisions Rather Than Their Reputations

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Lori and Mossimo didn’t make the best decisions for their family. Olivia once said her mother told her, ‘you only get one reputation’. Her parents blew their reputations when they agreed to scam their daughters into college.

One of Olivia’s ‘friends’ revealed her pals weren’t surprised that her parents became involved with Operation: Varsity Blues. This friend says that Olivia was never passionate about school so when she mentioned she’d gotten into USC they thought something wasn’t right.

If the parents are remorseful – which they’re not – they should say so. Since they do have a prison sentence looming over their money-loving heads, they should realise that they’re just people who have to be held accountable.

There’s a lot more we want to say, but we’ll end this rant here. This whole scandal has become a huge mess and the Giannulli/Loughlin tribe DESERVE to be prison. All you rich influencers who are backing her, go fuck yourselves!You don’t deserve your followers!

When the trial happens, you can bet we’re going to be covering it so watch out. We’re also going to cover Olivia Jade’s first proper video whenever that drops.

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