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Chronicles Of Harkle: The Precious Only Child Narrative

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Say what you want about Meghan Markle’s half-siblings all you want, but the evidence so overwhelming that they were in fact, right about her being spoilt and entitled. Samantha’s biography, Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: Part One has been published after four years of talks. Now, I want to say that I haven’t read the book, but I have read comments from those who have. Some of the things that have come out paint the Duchess of Sussex in a petty light. If Thomas Markle’s eldest daughter is correct, her sister tries push the only child narrative which is what I wanted to address in this Chronicles of Harkle post.

Now, we know Meghan is Doria’s only child and she was adored by her father until their falling out. For years it appears, the Duchess of Sussex has portrayed herself as not having siblings, half or otherwise. Though, she did refer to herself as a ‘sister’ to the women of South Africa. Then, she proceeded to whine about how the royal family were toxic and she ‘wasn’t supported’ during her pregnancy with Archie. That’s where the “No one asked me if I was okay” became a worldwide selfish slam dunk for the type of person she is.

Anyway, I’m going to be doing this post via comments made on Quora and I’ll be giving my opinion. The first one I want to go over is a comment made on the question, What are some of the highlights from Meghan Markle’s step sisters book the much-awaited tell-all biography The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister?

What Were Some Of Meghan’s Personality Traits As She Grew Up?

Court case; only child

Before I launch into the only child narrative that Samantha writes about, I wanted to address a Quora question I posted above. The first comment I found was fascinating. The user who wrote it, said they researched the book on online because they didn’t really want to read it, not that I can really blame them.

Here’s a few of the personality traits Samantha says her sister displayed as she was growing up.

  • ‘Snippy’ when Meghan grew up.
  • Has ‘control issues’ – meaning everything needs to be ‘perfect’ or to her liking.
  • According to Thomas prior to the wedding, Meghan’s behaviour whenever Harry was in the room, she was ‘sweet’ but when he wasn’t in the room, she was ‘mean’ and ‘controlling’.
  • ‘Hung up on titles’ – this is an interesting one. Has anyone seen the pattern that has emerged? Every speaking engagement Meghan does has her title, ‘The Duchess of Sussex’. This ties into the tantrum she and Harry threw about The Queen not owning the word ‘Royal’.
  • Doesn’t want to be held accountable for her actions.

The Only Child Narrative

privacy; only child
[Credit: The List]

Not once during her time as a royal has Meghan ever mentioned the other members of her family outside of her mother. Sure, in the beginning she referenced her father but that stopped after the wedding. Actually, speaking of the nuptials, according to a comment I got on a question I answered (again on Quora), the now-Duchess of Sussex had this fantasy of being an only child.

Before I go on, Meghan has paternal older half-siblings. NOT step-siblings. She, Samantha, and Thomas Jr share Thomas Senior as their father. The thing that bugs me to absolute no end is people confusing the two. Also, paternal means father’s side. Maternal is mother.

In order to have step-siblings, you need to be born and your step-parent has to have a child when they get together with your parent. So, say for example your mother is separated from your father and she dates or marries a man with a kid. That said kid is your step-sibling.

To have a half-sibling one of your parents has to have a child with someone else who is NOT your other parent. So, if your father has a kid with another woman who is not your mother, that new child is your half-sibling.

Anyway back to the post. According to the lady who made the comment who had read the book, the wedding gave Meghan the leverage to get her father to choose between her and her half-siblings. According to Samantha in the book, there was a lot of competition between her and Tom vs. their sister.

Daddy’s Little Meghan

Chloe; only child
[Credit: The Economic Times]

In Meghan’s eyes, Thomas could have an invite to the royal wedding but only if he disowned her siblings. Now, I don’t think Samantha would make this up. Sure, she’s done a load of stuff that she shouldn’t have like whatever went on with her own children.

However, the one thing I don’t agree with is Samantha saying the royal family should have cancelled the wedding until Thomas was well enough to attend. This isn’t the monarchy’s move to make.

It was Meghan and Harry’s decision as it was their wedding. The royal family should not be held responsible for something the couple themselves did. Also, the prince was desperate to ‘settle down’ with his fiancée. It appears that the former actress wanted him to feel sorry for her and so we come to the victim card. This in the years that would follow i.e. right now is something that she has continued to play.

It is no secret that Thomas adored Meghan as a child. She was his ‘little princess’. I don’t think Samantha and Tom Jr were jealous per say.

If anything, Samantha paints a positive picture of her relationship with Meghan when she was little. She adored her baby sister but this changed over time. We also need to think that there is a massive age gap between the two of about seventeen years.

The “No Family” Narrative

only child
[Credit: Hello! Magazine]

Meghan’s desire to keep the ‘only child’ and ‘no family’ vibe going was evident at her own wedding. She invited A-list strangers and only her mother from her side of the family.

Did she not think about how uncomfortable it would’ve been for Doria to be the only member for their side there? All the family at the wedding was Harry’s. His grandparents, father, stepmother, his uncles, aunts, cousins, his brother, sister-in-law, and his older nephew and niece George and Charlotte.

However, Samantha said at the time that she had a big family full of aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of her family. Essentially, Meghan poked holes in her own story. Did she think the world was gullible enough to not use the internet to fact check her claims of having ‘no family’?

Meghan had a plan and it appears to have gone like this.

Meghan Had A Narrative She Expected The World To Fall For

only child
[Credit: Wall Street Journal]

Now, call me crazy but it sounds like that Meghan had a story she wanted the world to believe. This is just MY opinion. She wanted to be seen as the woman without a true family with the only person in her life being her mother.

I don’t really care what her ‘reasoning’ was for excluding other members from her huge family. All I will say is that it is wrong. She wanted to be seen as this down to Earth person with a huge heart. How can you possibly do that when you ditch those who care about you most? Meghan had one goal; be the most talked about person on the planet. Well, she got her desire, except almost done of the comments aren’t positive. She and Harry have been called out for bandwagon hopping and using people to get what they want. What’s surprising is that Doria has never called her out on it.

In Meghan’s mind, she is all knowing. The world is stupid and all kinds of gullible. She never thought about the consequences. People aren’t as dumb as she thinks. We can use the internet to look up her claims. I’ve read a lot of things where many royal family followers went off her after the engagement interview aired. Others said they were upset about the South Africa tour conversation where she talked about herself in a third world country.

Harry Needs To Leave And Take Archie With Him

only child
[Credit: The Telegraph]

If Harry ever wakes up from his Meghan obsessed fantasy, he should take Archie and flee back to the UK. So what if she gets upset and calls foreign law enforcement to get her baby back. She has brainwashed her husband into doing what she wants.

Meghan is thriving back in the US. She is back in her element while Harry looks really lost. The whole reason Markle fled to California is because in the case of a divorce, she gets the child since the mother has more rights than the father, apparently.

While I hate how Harry has just trashed his family on Meghan’s orders, their only child is stuck in the middle. He’s almost two-years-old and if his parents split, they won’t be in the same country. Given the world-wide pandemic, it’s unclear as to how much time he’d spend on either of his home continents.

With speculation that Harry is returning to the UK for his grandmother and grandfather’s milestone birthdays, news has spread that Meghan and Archie will not be joining him. The Queen and Prince Philip have only seen Archie like one time. They’re in their twilight years and their great-grandson doesn’t know them. That is on his mother, not his father. She is the one who wanted to return to the US to become an A-list celebrity with a British royal title. In her eyes she is more important than the people who have to work hard.

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