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Shaping A One-Sided World – Why We Cannot Let Them Win

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Utopias do not compute. Since the arrival of woke culture, anyone who dares question or voice a different opinion is a bigot worthy of cancellation. One prime example is the topic of Her Wokeness, Meghan, Duchess of Montecito, who believes in the one-sided walk of life. If you don’t worship her, you’re a racist. We’ve spoken about this before, but it has become a much larger issue as of last week.

The drama began about a month ago when a random user, Christopher Bouzy, suddenly started threatening anyone who didn’t support Meghan. People chose to ignore him as he was another Sugar. However, this changed when lists dropped containing “toxic hate accounts”.

What’s more, is the sheer hypocrisy of this man is outstanding! He is all for bullying other royals but then calls for people’s Twitter accounts to get shut down when they call out Meghan for her mistruths. So, it’s okay for Markle to say and do what she pleases, but not anyone else? Moreover, this is silencing free speech.

Caroline Davies of the Guardian reports that Bot Sentinel “monitors” Twitter accounts to see if there are violations of the terms of service. From what sensible people have gathered from the report, regarding the MM “hate” accounts, it’s largely biased. YouTuber SueMe points out in her latest Just Chattin’ video that no professional researcher would touch a report like this due to the lack of clarity.

In A One-Sided World, There Are No Facts

Since this so-called bot report has come out, the one-sided argument remains steadfast. Moreover, if they’re investigating Anti-Meghan “hate” accounts, then why don’t they look into the death threats from the Sussex Squad towards the royal family? How is it EVER okay to want the death of a 95-year-old woman who has served her country for almost seventy years? We’d hate to see the comments from the Sugars when she eventually does pass.

Also, to the woke crowd, only their opinions matter. Facts are nothing more than a smear campaign to them. If you dare question them, they attack you and say that YOU’RE the hater and that you should die in a hole. Furthermore, this one-sided narrative is no different from misinformation. Look at all the lies Donald Trump uttered in just his first one-hundred days in office. David Markovitz of Forbes reported that the former businessman told more lies in his first one-hundred days as president than his predecessor, Barack Obama and his successor, Joe Biden.

Not The Model Citizen

Our dear friend, Sue Smith, did some very thorough digging into Bouzy and did a video on the situation and boy did she dig up some interesting information. Ultimately, she discovered tweets where the guy mocked the Cambridges and made the comment that William and Catherine had had plastic surgery done and that they looked like Harry’s uncle and aunt.

Also, she discovered tweets from the guy’s eldest daughter who appeared in photos dating back about a decade that he’d posted, and she said that she was disowned and treated like trash by her father. So, if he’s accusing people of being racist towards Meghan, then he’d better watch himself because he’s putting his venom out there for the whole world to see.

Not to mention, this Bouzy guy is claiming that people have been racist towards him and were threatening his family and that his team have never experienced anything like it. Ah-huh. Where’s the proof of any of this? Furthermore, the daughter’s tweets were enough to show what a horrible parent he is. Also, the journalist who wrote the BuzzFeed News article, which we won’t link because we don’t want to give it additional oxygen, is anti-Cambridge. Sue talks about this in her video as well.

Before the Sugars get on Twitter and blast this post, it has ZERO to do with the guy being black. It is his appalling behaviour that is being called into question. If it were a white man doing the same thing, he’d get called out too. Just because you have a different skin colour from someone else doesn’t mean you’re shielded from criticism.

How Can We Combat The One-Sided Argument?

To finish off this post, we wanted to give ideas as to how we can combat the one-sided argument and stop the woke crowd from winning.

So, if you see something odd going on, BLOCK the person and REPORT them. Do NOT engage with them. If you do, you’re only setting yourself up to be a target. Also, be sure to save screenshots from BOTH sides and look for additional evidence to support your claim if you need to report it to any form of high authority.

Yes, we’re aware that this might seem simple. But, any good journalist knows that if you have more than one side of the narrative, people will wake up to the truth.

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