Kicking The Hornet’s Nest: How Prince Harry And Meghan Have Opened The Discussion Of The One-Sided Argument

You do not want to idolise someone who agrees with the one-sided argument mentality…

Here we go again. We’ve spoken so much about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s woke one-sided argument mentality. The whole thing is just totally sickening. The fact that they don’t like criticism aimed at them, but they criticise other people shows how desperate they are for attention. Since the birth of their daughter, Lili almost a week ago, they’ve fired back at the BBC, according to The Australian, for reporting that they didn’t contact Her Majesty Queen to ask to use her pet name, ‘Lilibet’ for the first name of their baby. It has gotten so bad that they [the Sussexes] have issued legal threats against the broadcaster. They’ve even threatened the media to not report the same piece of information otherwise they will sue.

Now, we want to point something out here that might be obvious. There is a HUGE difference between ASKING and TELLING. Also, what gives Harry and Meghan the right to name their child after the head of a family they have trashed? They’ve accused The Firm of being racist without backing up their facts. What do they hope to achieve? They need constant attention to stay relevant. Here’s our take on this. They think by throwing the race and abuse cards out there that people scream from the rooftops. Sorry, the universe doesn’t revolve around them. Only the Sussex Squad and their rich, privileged friends care.

The whole royal family loved Harry his whole life, especially after his mother died. Diana never trashed the family. Only Charles and his treatment of her. It’s believed she had a good relationship with the late Prince Philip. Or not, depending on the source.

Controlled By The Wife

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Meghan has changed Harry but not for the better. Once upon a time, he was the royal rebel, much like his great-aunt, Princess Margaret. By the time of Prince William’s wedding, the younger Wales brother was in the army, straightening his life out. He had been on a trail of destructive tendencies until he ended up on the straight and narrow upon the birth of his nephew, Prince Georg, and was happy to follow his brother’s lead. He went on engagements with him and Catherine and he adored being an uncle. Or so it seemed.

Deep down, Harry had not recovered from the emotional trauma he suffered after losing his mother at such a young age. William (note, NOT Meghan) encouraged him to get help as documented by Forbes in 2017. The story only changed to his now-wife recently. Angela Levin, who wrote a book, ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’, as per the Express backed up the comment made by Forbes.

Angela explains that when she spoke to Harry at Kensington Palace at length for her book, she asked whether Meghan had anything to do with him seeking help and he said:

Absolutely not, she’s had nothing to do with it, it was William.

Now, it is our belief, that Meghan has worn Harry down over time. We believe that after Archie was born in 2019, this is when things took a turn. Remember when Markle was told to turn around during the Trooping the Colour after their son was born in 2019? The Daily Mail seemed to work out some of what was said on the balcony.

If Harry was telling Meghan to turn around, then something would’ve had to happen for him to now lash out now. What could have happened for his opinion to change? Did MM threaten him with divorce and to take Archie away?

Everything Meghan Says Is Incredible

loses, meltdown
[Credit: People Magazine]

See the image above? This is a still from The Me You Can’t See. While we haven’t seen it, there is footage and screenshots everywhere. Harry looks so angry. Why? Because the world is threatening his wife and calling her out for her horrible and selfish behaviour? Meghan has him wrapped around her little finger. He is her puppet, someone she can control.

Meghan believes herself to be a new version of Princess Diana. Harry made a rather… mind-controlled comment to Dax Shepard about how his darling wife said that she doesn’t need to be a princess and he claimed it was ‘incredible’. His full quote was, as per The Sun:

My wife had the most amazing explanation. You don’t need to be a princess, you can create the life that will be better than any princess.

Whatever you say, Harry. If Meghan said this to you then why is she desperate to hang onto her title? Why did she basically say ‘Oh, why don’t we name our daughter after the matriarch of the family who are total racists?’ Ah-huh. Makes absolute sense. *insert eye roll emoji here* Again, a massive word salad.

How the Sussex Squad can idolise a couple who don’t make any sense is beyond us. One example of how ‘incredible’ Meghan appears to be to her fans is how she spoke ‘her’ truth. She told Oprah that a royal family member questioned the colour of Archie’s skin when she was pregnant. When Harry joined her, he attempted to correct the story. He claimed that the talk happened before they were married. Then, there was what Lady Colin Campbell said about a conversation happening with Princess Anne, but it was never about race.

No One Else Is Allowed To Have An Opinion Hence The One-Sided Argument

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We’ve said this before, but the entire world must be racist if they don’t agree with the woke royals. That is the whole reason Harry lashed out at America’s First Amendment. He doesn’t enjoy the prospect of people having their own opinions. This falls into the one-sided argument category. He has developed a god complex and doesn’t want anyone speaking against him and his wife. This is why he is trashing is his family. He is aware they will never release statements.

Harry doesn’t think before he speaks and his thought that the world should only be allowed to use the one-sided argument ideology shows how brainwashed he is by Meghan. How people, like the cast of Suits, can back their girl, is anyone’s guess. Markle is charismatic in the way she conducts herself. She makes those around her think she is the real deal. She shows herself as a kind, thoughtful person but only if an individual is on the same level as her.

That way, she allows them to get in on her one-sided argument where they are too blinded by her charisma to see who she is truly is. She wants people to see that she is there to save them for… whatever reason she is feeding them. One example is her claim that the British Royal Family is racist. As we stated earlier, she has not provided legitimate proof of this. Or she does and she’s not providing it.

If she had dug deeper, she would know that there was a black Queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who was married to King George III. She would’ve known that one of Her Majesty The Queen’s equerries is black. Also, if she was such a fan of Diana’s, she would know about her work with kids who had AIDS who were from Africa.

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