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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Realises She Messed Up By Sleeping With Carter

Quinn and Carter’s one night stand is going to cause issues for them…

Quinn should’ve known better when she entered her one night stand with Carter. She knew that Zoe wants her man back but that’s not all. The one thing she should’ve realised when she had Shauna pursue Ridge was that it was going to hurt Eric. Now, she’s royally screwed up by having sex with the man her husband sees another son. We theorised about this a week or two ago and then it happened during the final episode for last week.

Despite having enjoyed their tryst, its a text from Zoe that snaps Quinn back into reality; she slept with another man. Carter then comes to the realisation that he had sex with his boss’ wife. It gets worse. Eric has always viewed him like a son so if this one night stands ends up getting out, it’s going to blow up in their faces… big time.

For Quinn, it would mean a divorce while for Carter it would mean being ousted from Forrester as its COO and the overall family. While it’s tricky to determine how Ridge would react to this, Eric won’t be thrilled. He’s already unable to trust his wife and this within itself is a double betrayal. Though, it would also make Brooke go “I told you Quinn is no good for this family”.

As much as we hope that that the jewellery designer does get kicked to the curb, it should be Eric who makes that decision.

There Is No Rock And A Hard Place

Quinn has been deprived of affection ever since Eric allowed her to move back into the house. While he has forgiven her to an extent, he refuses to touch her. Now, she deserves to be dumped as she believes she is better than anyone other woman her husband has ever been with. How she would’ve felt with Stephanie is a totally different ballgame.

We talked a while ago about how Quinn is trying to be the new Stephanie. Though, she will never live up to her reputation. Ever. Also, Quinn’s portrait doesn’t deserve to hang where the true Forrester matriarch’s painting once did. Brooke was given the position by Stephanie herself just before she died.

Quinn has no respect for the Logans, especially Brooke whom she has called ‘the slut from the valley’ a million times over like she is Stephanie. She believes she is better than her when she’s actually not.

Let’s not forget all the horrible things Quinn has done. she pushed Ivy off a bridge, made Hope trip down a flight of stairs while pregnant with Wyatt’s child. There was also something about a diamond being stolen and some dude being murdered. How that relates to Eric’s wife is brain boggling to us as we weren’t watching the show then.

Having a one night stand is something that appears to happen on the show a lot! Look at what Liam and Steffy did awhile ago. Then, there’s all the times Brooke slept around and ended up pregnant. So, pairing Quinn with Carter is actually brilliant if you think about it logically.

No Way Back To Zarter Or Quric

We can officially throw Zarter and Quric out because the official The Bold and the Beautiful social media pages have come up with a new couple name; Quarter. Get it? Never would’ve thought of it that way, but it works. So, we need to address that Zoe’s desire to get her engagement back on track isn’t going to happen when she finds out about Carter sleeping with Quinn.

There is no doubt going to be yelling and screaming between them where Carter says bitterly that his fling with Quinn, was his way of getting even with Zoe. He’s not normally a vengeful guy, but we can see this happening. Though, we don’t think he’s going to mean it though his ex-fiancĂ©e is going to think he does.

As for Eric, he’s going to hit the roof which will give him a reason not to trust Quinn. Will he forgive her for her one night stand? Probably not.

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