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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Issue With Steffy And Liam’s One Night Stand And Their Constant Back And Forth

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Can we just consider the idea that Steffy and Liam’s one night stand was going to blow up in their faces at some point?

The Bold and the Beautiful is doing what it does best; jumping back and forth between the same argument. The writers adore Liam and Steffy together and made them have a one night stand. This is not the first time this has happened and it will not be the last. What makes this positively nauseating is how this affects their relationships going forward.

In today’s episode, Steffy is beginning to feel the heat when Finn notices something is off with her. Meanwhile, Hope gushes what an incredible husband Liam is her and how he would never cheat on her while he sits there feeling like he’s been backed into a corner. The guilt is quite literally written all over his face.

While Hope and Finn think their significant others are just amazing and perfect, Steffy and Liam are always drawn back together like a fly to a bug zapper. They say they love other people but they end up getting drunk and end up back in bed together. There are a load of fans who still love Steam together, but there are some who question why they even bought in Finn to begin with. This is a sentiment we agree with wholeheartedly.

Was it to piss off Liam into thinking his love for Steffy is greater than it is for Hope? We ADORE Finn and not just because he’s smokin’ hot. He is a good person with a huge heart. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have become a doctor. Anyway, what he is going to say when he learns his girlfriend had a drunk fling with her ex-husband? Is he going to begin thinking that Thomas was right? Tommy boy was correct about his rival circling back to his sister.

Steffy Won’t Take That Godforsaken Portrait Off The Wall!

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Steffy might claim that she left the portrait of her and Liam on the wall for Kelly’s sake but it’s still there for herself. Not her daughter. She does realise that he is married to Hope and she’s meant to be in love with Finn, doesn’t she? The one claim she and her ex-husband make is that they don’t regret their one night stand.

For a moment (to them) it was like they had their lives together back. Umm… if they wanted to be together, why don’t they do so? We’re sure Steffy would LOVE being stepmother to Beth. Oh wait… then something would happen and Liam would say the same thing he did Kelly’s mother to Hope and he’d go back to her and Beth. The cycle would just continue.

This would leave Steffy distraught and staring up at the portrait wondering what went wrong. Again, this happens every single time without fail. If the writers – way back when – wanted Liam to be the Forrester heiress’ love interest only, why didn’t they just do that? It’s gotten stupid and pointless because there is no development in the story. It doesn’t matter how many time this waffling pair sleep together, they’re only going to hurt people anyway.

Ridge Needs To Butt Out

rages; okay; one night stand
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Ridge, Steffy’s father is no different to his daughter or his son. He claims to love Brooke and that she his destiny and whatever, but he’s just as guilty of being a philander. He’s gone back and forth between Hope’s mother and Taylor so many times that it’s ended up with Hayes leaving town on multiple occasions. Also, she is the mother of three of the fashion designer’s four children.

The way Ridge carries himself shows that he doesn’t care about anyone but his own family. He doesn’t see Hope, whom he raised, as a daughter and just sees her as an obstacle for Steffy to be with Liam. In his eyes, his daughter and Bill’s son are perfect together. *insert eye roll emoji here*

He has also made it clear to Steffy that it’s clear she still has feelings for Liam.

The Constant Back And Forth

Liam; Steam; falls apart
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Like with Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke, there is a constant back and forth between Liam, Steffy, and Hope. It has been going on for over a decade and fans have had enough. We wrote about this awhile ago. All the flip-flopping around did a number on Thomas and he came to despise his on-off stepmother.

In years to come, Kelly and Beth are going to be at each other’s throats because they want their father with their mothers. It will be like Steffy and Thomas plotting to get their mum back with their dad. There is going to be the same back and forth with them like there is with their parents and their grandparents.

Wasn’t the whole idea of bringing in Finn to force Steffy to distance herself from Liam and allow him to be with Hope? Apparently, Brad Bell had another idea in mind; have Steam claim to never stop loving each other, sleep together and than he denies he wants them back together.

Perhaps the endgame wasn’t to have Steffy and Finn stay together. Perhaps it was for him to end up with Hope because they were both betrayed. That would leave room for Steam to get back together. We can imagine how well that would go down with Brooke. Ridge would be thrilled, though.

Everything Blows Up At Some Point!

scam romance

In typical soap opera fashion, we can expect Steffy and Liam’s one night stand secret to blow up in their faces. When it comes to Steam, they’re going to lose everything.

Liam is going to lose his family with Hope and there is no way she is going to let him near Beth and Douglas. He will have no one to blame but himself and he’ll be proving Thomas right which is not what he’ll want to do. But he will have Steffy and Kelly back which is what he wants, apparently.

He cannot have the best of both worlds. It was his choice to get both Steffy and Hope pregnant. He might appear to be a knight in shining armour, but he’s not. Not even close. Liam keeps both women close so he run back to the other if something goes wrong with the one he’s currently with.

Steffy is going to lose the only guy she hasn’t conned into being with her. She should just be with Liam and allow Hope to have Finn, after all, she is going to be praising him a load next week.

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