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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Calls Steffy Out With Keeping The Photo Of Liam On The Wall

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Steffy still has that photo of Liam on the wall and Thomas was right to call her out.

A few years ago, Steffy commissioned a canvas of her and Liam that still sits on the wall to this day. However, in her current state, she is really struggling with her pain after her motorcycle accident. She has asked for more pain pills despite Finn saying she needs to use over-the-counter meds. For a new nights, Kelly has stayed with her dad, sister, stepmother, and cousin while her mother gets some rest.

Thomas has been stopping over to check on his sister’s progress and he is constantly bringing up Liam and how Steffy still loves him. She insists she’s over him, but the writing is on the wall. There is always going to be a connection with her ex-husband and we’re not talking because they’re Kelly’s parents.

Steffy has been fixated on Liam for years. What started as a simple crush only intensified when he saved her from drowning in the bath. She’s been pregnant by him twice but lose their first baby in the first motorcycle crash and she would never have gone after him in the first place.

The Photo On The Wall

Thomas had a point when he said that the photo on the wall was not for Kelly’s benefit but for Steffy’s. Sure, it might’ve started out that way, but she keeps flashing back to her life with Liam before their daughter was born. There are unresolved feelings there, but she needs to accept that he has moved on with Hope whom he should’ve been with from the beginning.

If anything, she’s still obsessed with him but not as over-the-top as Thomas was about Hope. Sure, it’s nice to dream about what could’ve been but that’s it. Also, Tommy boy should also stop encouraging his sister into thinking about a man she has never had a lasting relationship with. Yes, Liam is the father of Kelly, but the little girl should be Steffy’s focus, not trying to win back her ex when their multiple marriages only failed.

Also, Thomas is one to talk. He’s been married twice. Both those marriages failed and forced Zoe to the altar just to get Hope to comply to his desires. However, with Steffy, she is just like her mother by extension, Brooke.

Taylor has never gotten over Ridge. Brooke goes after every other woman’s man well, the doc goes after her rival’s men too, but that’s a story for another time. Steffy takes after both of them even if no one wants to see it.

Steffy Is NOT Fine!

Despite the photo on the wall, its pretty obvious that Steffy is not well. Yes, we’re aware she’s in a hell of a lot of pain from being hit by a car. However, she explodes at Hope and says she’s sick of people asking her if she’s okay.

Yes, Hope crossed a line in not taking Kelly home when Liam told her to, but she thought she was helping. However, Steffy exploding at her was due to the drugs wreaking havoc on her body. She has become reliant on the pills and it’s making her susceptible to suggestion. Before her accident, she was fine.

Addiction is what Finn was concerned about. That was the whole reason why she was told to go on over-the-counter meds. However, Thomas talked Steffy into getting more drugs. Whether he was aware of how addictive the pills, is unclear, but given he’s peddled illegal substances before, we wouldn’t put it past him if he was aware of this.

Also, when Thomas says Steffy only has one pill left, she downs it with alcohol behind his back. This all starts after her conversation with Hope about Kelly staying another night. She is so distressed that she pulls out a bottle of alcohol and takes it with the drug.

Everyone knows drugs and booze don’t go together. But once Thomas gets Vinny involved, it’s only going to get worse.

Will Steffy Tear Down The Photo On The Wall?

Some spoilers that we have found speculate that Steffy’s addiction goes from legal drugs to illegal. However, there’s a bit more to this rumour. It’s alleged that in her stoned state, the Forrester heiress is going to tear down the photo on the wall of Liam because she ‘can’t stand to look at the man she lost’.

It is possible that she also uses Finn in an attempt to get another refill of her meds. He will tell her ‘no’ but she will allow her walls to come down as she recounts what she has ‘lost’. For those who can’t remember, here’s her tragic backstory:

  • Almost drowned in the bath and was rescued by Liam
  • Lost their first child in a motorcycle crash
  • Lost Liam to Hope multiple times
  • Forced to give ‘Phoebe’ back to Hope and Liam
  • Hope has her ideal life with the father of Kelly
  • Liam keeps leaving her to be with Hope
  • She didn’t know who her daughter’s father was after she slept with Bill
  • Got roped into Thomas’ plan to win over Hope by giving in to her desire to have Liam back

We’re just stop there.

Is Hope Actually Trying To Take Kelly Away From Steffy?

The bliss Hope has been feeling in recent episodes is obvious. She and Liam have been watching Kelly while Steffy recovers. However, the toll of not having her daughter with her is weighing heavily on the mother-of-one.

Hope has only ever wanted to do the right thing. However, has she gone too far this time? She went to Steffy’s house, hoping to make her feel better but it ended up in the Forrester heiress going off her head because Kelly didn’t come home.

Incoming episodes, Liam tells his wife off for not taking Kelly back to Steffy. He, as we all do, knows that Hope is only thinking about what is best for her stepdaughter. However, she is NOT the little girl’s mother and should not be making decisions without asking her parents first.

Steffy is going to be in a very bad state in episodes to come as she will apparently vent to Finn about her ‘horrible’ life. There is no doubt she will take a jab at Hope for taking everything away from her. Even if she were in her right mind, she’s just been selfish as she always has been. She wants Hope’s life and that has never been more obvious.

Yes, Steffy has a fragile of mind might now. But, taking a swipe at her is not on. There was so much potential in the former stepsisters actually being friends. Now, that’s likely to never happen.

Repeating Storylines

The photo on the wall is just like the painting on the wall of Quinn hanging in the Forrester mansion. It is a symbol though the painting above the fireplace is more iconic. Having it be torn down in a fit of drugged rage would serve as a fitting farewell to a decade long romance.

Let’s not forget that Steffy’s painkiller storyline is a twist on the Hope’s anxiety medication addiction from almost a decade ago. However, it could be seen as a twist on the baby swap as the Forrester princess thinks her rival is taking Kelly from her.

Okay, the baby swap with Hope was her child was actually swapped with a dead newborn and was given to Steffy. But, the purpose is still the same. The writers are never going to learn. The fans want something original! Not something rehashed from years gone by.

Give the actors a challenge. The whole writing team behind The Bold and the Beautiful should be fired! We don’t need to repeat the history that we’ve seen before. Sure, some of the cast are new, but the character is the same.

If we were running the show, we’d look at all the storylines from the thirty-something years. We’d then see what was successful and what was not and proceed from there.

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