Omid Scobie Is Not A Royal Correspondent Like He Claims… He’s A Sussex Megafan


Omid Scobie is not a royal correspondent…

How can Omid Scobie call himself a royal correspondent when he only ever reports on Harry and Meghan? He promoted the biography Finding Freedom as if he was the only writer and he has contradicted himself so many times. Someone who specialises in the British Royal family talks about ALL of them. Not just a couple of them.

All Omid does is feed the public stuff Meghan wants the world to hear. He’s her mouthpiece but the entire universe sees what she is doing. She is trying to rewrite how people see her as this devoted humanitarian, wife, mother, and overall saint who can do no wrong.

It should be noted also the sugary sweetness that is Finding Freedom had the absurd line about her college classmates questioned how she [Meghan] could be so perfect when she was doing so many things. Insert vomit emoji here! This is just drivel given to him to make her look good.

The way Omid has written Finding Freedom, it doesn’t paint the Sussexes in a good light and it was never going to. It just shows them as this couple who will complain because they didn’t get what they want. Also, the way how it was written how Catherine was the bad sister-in-law is enough to make people scream.

Catherine has been a beloved member of the royal family for ten years. Meghan doesn’t even rank as high when it comes to work ethic. She did 70-something engagements in the eighteen months she and Harry worked for the Queen.

How can Omid say that Catherine is ‘horrible’ when she has worked so hard to get where she is today? Oh, right. He is a biracial man who has suffered just like his idol. Spare us the pity party!

Sorry, But Omid Is Not A Royal Reporter!

Omid Scobie is just one of Meghan’s fanboys. If he were a true correspondent, he wouldn’t be posting his admiration for her every single day. It’s laughable at this point and he has made his idol look so much worse as he is providing her with a platform to sprout even more porky pies.

Basically, he is a pawn in Meghan’s game because she knows of how loyal he is to her cause. He is just another lackey who will backup everything she says. Also, Omid is not much better. He lied to a well-respected journalist about his age saying he was 33 when he was actually 39. Not to mention, he was a tabloid reporter before he became a ‘royal correspondent’.

Before Meghan even entered the royal scene, we hadn’t even heard of Omid. The first time we got wind of him was when Finding Freedom had been announced. He wants to push this narrative that Markle is just a sweet innocent biracial person who was bullied by her snobbish royal in-laws.

Umm… he does realise that she use to pass herself off as ‘white’, doesn’t he? We’ll cover that in a later post. Anyway, Omid sings Meghan’s praises like she’s a saint. She’s not! Can he not see that she is playing everyone to be painted as this goddess who can doing nothing wrong? Wake up!

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