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Meghan And Omid: Why They Deserve Each Other


Omid Scobie is back in the press, but when has he ever gone away? Anyway, the Sussex mouthpiece has appeared in the controversial BBC interview, The Prince and the Press, where he (obviously) defends Meghan Markle. Now, we need to look at these two individuals and how they deserve each other. Before we begin, however, this is not us being biased because we aren’t on the same wavelength. Having observed their behaviour and constant contradictions, we’ve seen how similar they are to each other.

Our opinions, however, don’t matter as this is a fact-finding exercise. It’s about how Omid and Meghan don’t appear to be aware of their air of entitlement and lack of accountability and how their credibility is lacking. So, let’s jump into it.

Fame And Fortune

One of the things that set Omid and Meghan apart from most people is that their careers and privilege were handed to them.

Omid didn’t work hard as he claims. His dad is Bill Scobie, a blues musician and alleged businessman, according to The Steeple Times. We’ve also heard on the grapevine that Omid, supposedly got to where he is today due to his non-journalistic contacts, aka his father. We did a post on Omid a while back regarding who he was before becoming Meghan and Harry’s mouthpiece.

Now, when we examined Omid and his net worth, we found several questionable websites that say the same thing; that he’s worth $800k, with one of those sources being Biography Mask. Now, even the aforementioned Steeple Times article questions this, while their own source claims the same for the guy’s net worth.

We question how much Omid is actually worth because no journalist, no matter how in-demand they are, is worth that amount of money. For him to have that much money, he would have to be at least a part-time presenter on a morning chat show like Good Morning Britain. Just writing for magazines and newspapers alone doesn’t accumulate that much money.

Moving over to Meghan and her dad gave her the best life possible. He allowed her to travel the world with her mother. She got to be on television sets due to her father’s job. Hell, he even could afford to send her to private schools which were thousands of dollars per year. It is speculated she was worth, before meeting Harry, at least $5million according to some sources. Others say it was less, but she wasn’t poor like she claimed.

Omid, Meghan, And Their Credibility

We all know that Meghan is a compulsive liar who lives in her little fantasy world where she believes her mistruths are factual. Omid, meanwhile, falls for everything she says, acting as her (un)official spokesperson. This brings us to both their credibility.

Their credibility is shot. There, we said it. Meghan perjured herself, thanks to Jason Knauf presenting those tweets and emails to the court during the appeal court case. Though, we doubt she’ll be penalised for this and it wouldn’t be surprising. She’s gotten away with so many things, that she’ll just continue to run wild, drunk on her power.

Meghan’s credibility has taken a nosedive into negative figures in the past year. During the Oprah interview earlier in the year, almost everything she said was proven to be untrue. We did a ton of debunking and even now, we’re still talking about it. We’d chronicled a large collection of posts under the tag “Oprah Interview”.

Moving over to the court case and while Meghan bragged earlier in the month she’d won the case, the appeal is showing that her cards might’ve run out. Former communications secretary, Jason Knauf revealed emails and texts to prove that Markle had worked with Omid and Carolyn Durand on Finding Freedom. But given the information to Jason so it would avoid looking suspicious. Though, the blurb at the back of the book suggested that the Sussexes had worked with the authors. This is a note taken from Diana’s book when she denied she’d participated in Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton.

Omid His Backpedalling

We all know that Meghan’s narrative of her how she was a victim of racism, discrimination and hate are all figments of her imagination. But where does Omid sit in all this? Well, let’s cast our minds back to when Archie was born in May 2019. Here’s the tweet from Scobie:

Then, in March 2021, Omid admits Meghan might’ve been wrong about why Archie wasn’t given a title when she spoke about it with Oprah. Just to clarify, this was when the former actress claimed (without proof) that her son wasn’t titled because of his ethnicity. It was also here she said Archie was the first mixed-race child in the royal family. He’s not, for those wondering. Lady Davina Windsor has two biracial children with her ex-husband who is a New Zealander.

In a nutshell, Omid makes one claim then claims something else, based on what Meghan (and/or Harry) says. Going back to earlier, and the keyword to all this is “might’ve”. Omid is meant to be a royal expert/journalist, whatever he wants to brand himself. However, you cannot be such things when you cannot keep your stories straight. Also, much like the Sussexes, he thinks the world is going to believe their lies when people are going to fact-check everything.

Playing The World For Fools?

Do Omid and Meghan think the world is fooled by them? Yes, we believe they do. What Scobie does is not journalism. He parrots everything Markle says and expects people to fall for it, but why would he do this? For sympathy towards himself. He’s claimed that he is the only mixed-raced royal journalist. According to Richard Kay’s article in the Daily Mail, there is at least two with the second being Roya Nikkhah. Here’s a screenshot from the article.

Screenshot from Richard Kay’s Daily Mail article

Essentially, the implication we’re getting from Omid’s whine-fest is that you have to understand what it means to be mixed-race to report on Harry and Meghan; meaning you have to have some kind of qualification. Does he believe the world to be idiots? Many scholars around the world specialise in fields not associated with their race. An example is if how a white person can cover African history, etc.

As Richard Kay rightly points out in his article, The Princes and the Press was filmed before the news dropped that Martin Bashir had falsified documents to secure his now-infamous Panorama interview with Princess Diana. He even says that the premise of the smear-mentary was to make it appear that Amol Rajan, the anti-monarchist journalist who put it together was the first to get this so-called juicy scoop when he wasn’t.

Returning to Omid, his credibility has been warped for a while. He should not consider himself to be any form of journalist as he doesn’t consider the facts.

Better Than Most

In conclusion, we’ve noticed about Omid and Meghan is that they see themselves as better than anyone else. They use their biracial identities as shields to evade the consequences. How is it that Meghan can come up with some lie about having to crawl through the back of her car almost twenty years ago but she can’t remember emails sent three years ago?

Omid, on the other hand, sees himself as the superior journalist because he “identifies” with Meghan’s “struggles” as a biracial person. However, this does not give him the right to criticise others in his field for “not getting it”. He, much like his enabler, is a narcissist with his blinders on, ready to play the victim.

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