OMFG! Olivia Jade’s Return Vid Is Trending On YouTube!

In the weirdest twist of fate, Olivia Jade’s ‘hi again’, video is now trending on YouTube. We’ve tracked the videos views all day, and yes, that is kinda creepy, but we’re curious! Just give us a sec.

Early today, we posted THIS post in relation to the YouTube star’s comeback in the wake of the College Admissions Scandal. At the time of the original posting, the video had just over 700k views now, it has over 1.1Million views and its been less than 24 hours.

We looked Olivia’s YouTube account up on Social Blade and found that her estimated earnings had dropped severely. A couple of months after the scandal broke, she was earning over a Million dollars annually. Now, she’s only earning an estimated $95.9k annually. Well, when you’re not active for a long period of time, your income drops when people aren’t watching.

Currently, Olivia’s video is trending at number 2. We expect the number to go up over time, but holy fuck! Meanwhile, we never thought over a million people would watch the video. We thought a lot of good folks wanted to see her crash and burn after the stunt her folks pulled. Getting your mummy and daddy to bribe your way into college and expecting not to get caught is just the thing you’d expect from someone with money to burn.

Not all wealthy people are like this. They actually want to do good with their money. Look at Rihanna for example. She has supported a load of charities. Riri is also a fashion designer. You don’t see her in court for bribing someone to do her work for her.

The Guinnulli family on the other hand, think because they’re rich, they can just throw money at people and their problems will just go away. That isn’t the way the world works and unfortunately, Olivia is picking up on those habits. We can’t speak for Bella but she knew that their parents were doing shady shit and kept quiet. Karma!

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