Olivia Jade Makes A Bold Move In Returning To YouTube

bold move

In a bold move, beauty YouTuber Olivia Jade has returned to YouTube in a small 2 minute video. While she cannot speak on what has occurred the last 9 months involving the College Admissions Scandal, she as said it was her choice to return to the platform. As of currently, the video has over 702k views less than 24 hours.

In the video which will be posted below, she says she debated for about 7 or 8 months when to return to YouTube. However, after we watched the video, we had a feeling that she didn’t sound sorry for what her parents did.

We feel that it was pointless to put out a video now when she can’t talk about the case. Did she post the video in hopes of her fans forgetting what she and her family have done? Whatever she was thinking is likely to backfire if she does not handle the situation with care. Does this mean she’ll be sensitive to what she posts now?

We’re hoping she has learned that coming from wealth doesn’t make you happy. Also, going to a school like USC should be a privilege for those who actually deserve. Perhaps her parents will think twice about pressuring their daughters into doing things they don’t want.

Also, we don’t think Olivia Jade thought through THAT middle finger image will do her any favors with the media. She did tell them to “FUCK off”, just without the colourful language.

[Credit: Cosmopolitan]

Again, a bold move. Also, we don’t think her sponsors will want her back. We can’t say we blame them. There’s no way we would want to work with someone who lied either. We also doubt other YouTubers wanting to go to college will forgive her any time soon. Knowing that your parents are committing a crime for your benefit is less than ideal.

Without further ado, here’s Olivia Jade’s bold move return video:

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