Can Olivia Jade’s Career Recover From The College Admissions Scandal?

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She’s been MIA since the College Admissions Scandal broke the internet, but is Olivia Jade attempting a comeback? Not being a fan myself, I couldn’t say, but according to reports, she’s trying to rebuild her brand.

How can she do that when everyone knows her as the kid of a couple who managed faked her way into a crew position at USC? So our question is: Can Olivia Jade’s influencer career bounce back? Let’s look at the facts we have and observe.

Olivia Jade And Her Views On School And The Stolen Crew Team Spot

Fans of Oliva Jade will know her as the girl who hates school. She would talk about how much she hated it to the camera. It’s happened a few times. She ‘got into’ USC despite saying she was always on business.

I found this video from a potential rowing recruit who’d been promised a spot on the USC rowing team in her sophomore year of high school. She got told in her senior year the spot had been taken by someone else.

Vlog Posts Bombarded With Comments

If you didn’t already know, Olivia Jade also has a vlog channel she hasn’t posted to in a couple of years. She disabled the comments on her main channel but forgot to disable the comments on the vlog.

After reading the comments on just one of the five videos on the channel, I was amazed at how brutal people have been towards her. I would be sympathetic towards her if she had no clue, but now we have confirmation she was aware of her parents’ crimes, I don’t feel sorry for her.

Blaming Her Parents When She Knew About The Crime

Olivia Jade might act innocent, but she’s not. She blames her parents for the downfall of her career when she had a chance to out them as criminals. While I understand the whole ‘family ties’ thing, but it’s not right for someone to cover up a crime.

 I might not have a large following the way Olivia Jade does, but I know better. I’ve seen people’s careers rise and fall to pieces because of someone else’s actions. 

Remember the scandal that involved Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s then-husband? Well, he hasn’t been heard from since he cheated on his Oscar Winner wife with some tattooed bimbo. The mistress’ career was never the same. James and Bullock divorced some time afterward. Sandra adopted two children after her divorce.

Judging by all the YouTube videos I’ve watched from people talking about the scandal, I can agree Olivia Jade is a spoilt brat who doesn’t have the brains to go to college. Some sources even state she couldn’t work out how to fill out her college applications. 

In the past couple of days, it’s been revealed she tried to trademark her brand but her application got rejected because it didn’t have enough depth and poor punctuation. Yeah, the girl didn’t spend enough time at school to learn the basics of writing. This all falls to her parents not teaching her these skills and letting her do whatever she wants.

Sorry, Olivia Jade, but you can’t blame your parents for everything in your life.

How The Public Precieves Olivia Jade

When the news of the scandal dropped, fans of Oliva Jade were mortified that their precious YouTube favourite became public enemy number 6. We say four because her parents are one and two and Felicity Huffman is three. Olivia’s sister, Bella is probably number five. Olivia Jade is more famous.

The public has been cruel towards her. While she and her family deserve it for what they did, they need to realise they can’t get away with everything because they’re famous. Their names will be forever tied to this scandal.

People are likely to throw rotten food at the Giannullis now and will mention how much people hate them for stealing two spots on a sports team Olivia and Bella didn’t even take part in.

I don’t for a second believe the Giannulli girls are suffering from what their parents did.

The Parents

Now that Lori and Mossimo are known criminals, they need to realise they dragged their daughters into something they didn’t even want. Sure, Olivia has stated she didn’t care about school, but what about Bella?

She apparently wanted to go to college. Lori and Mossimo should’ve asked if their girls had wanted to go and not forced them to go because they didn’t get to go themselves. They can’t live the lives they wanted to lead through their kids. There’s also more to life than college. Some of the world’s most famous people  either dropped out of college or they didn’t go.

Lori has said on multiple occasions she wanted her girls to go to college. No one could talk her down as she was adamant it was going to happen despite what her daughters wanted.

As for Mossimo, according to Olivia, her dad ‘cheated’ his way through college. Olivia Jade said in an interview that her father didn’t enrol and used the admission money from his parents to build his company. Are all the Giannullis cheaters? We can’t judge Bella on what she did and didn’t know. I’m not saying Bella’s innocent, but I’m not saying she’s guilty either.

The Loss Of Sponsorships

When the scandal broke, Olivia Jade lost two of her major sponsors: Sephora and TRESemmé. She even lost the rights to her Sephora makeup palette. To add insult to injury, Lori was fired from Fuller House and the Hallmark Channel.


So, does Olivia Jade have a chance to rebuild her career? The easy answer? Maybe. If she can find a way to distance herself from the trouble her parents caused and show she isn’t like them, then yes. She’ll have a chance to rebrand her image. In my opinion, I don’t think she has much chance of getting her lost sponsorships back or getting back the fans she lost.

What’s your view? Chime in below!

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