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The Bold And The Beautiful: So, It’s Okay For Ridge To Kiss Shauna But Not Okay For Brooke To Smooch Bill?


Okay, this whole Shauna/Ridge/Brooke triangle is worse than the one with Taylor! How is it okay for Eric’s favourite son to snog Flo’s mother but not okay for his wife to get swept up in a kiss with his rival, Bill?

Ridge Forrester is a huge hypocrite! He got upset when the video Quinn leaked of Brooke sharing a meaningless kiss with Bill prior to Thomas’ sham wedding but went behind his wife’s back and kissed Shauna multiple times. How is kissing a woman who is not your wife multiple times okay?

Brooke was fuming when she found about those kisses between her precious Ridge and Flo’s mother. However, she forgive him and thought everything would be okay. Though, when she kisses Bill who is with Katie as well as her main squeeze’s greatest enemy, it’s a huge betrayal? Like, what the hell, dude!

Double Standards

Baby Beth; putting parents together
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Ridge thinks he’s a god who can’t be touched, let alone all of his own issues. So, why does he think it’s okay to kiss the woman wanted her equally guilty daughter to keep quiet about the baby swap of Beth Spencer? Does he forget that the switch affected his daughter who was raising the little girl as her own?

Apparently not. Heck, Steffy even ranted to him about Shauna when she found out about her father kissing the former secret keeper. Then, there’s the whole situation with Bill.

It’s fair to say that Ridge and Bill might have very different personalities. Though, they’re the same in some ways. The most obvious thing is their womanising. Does anyone remember back when Liam and Steffy were still a thing and they got married in Australia? Still with us? Good because the eldest Forrester had a secret affair with Quinn in the early days of her marriage to Eric.

To make it worse, Ridge and Brooke were going to get married in Oz too, but the eldest Logan sister discovered her beau’s fling and the nuptials were called off. Later, they got married again back in LA as it was RJ’s wish to see his parents back together.

Let’s not forget Brooke had a short-lived fling with Deacon while Bridget was married to Deacon and it resulted in Hope. Before that, it was unknown whether her eldest daughter was Ridge’s child or Eric’s as she’d slept with both of them around the same time.

What’s annoying is Ridge said that his make out sessions with Shauna meant nothing knowing the pain Brooke felt when she learned about the whole kiss thing. She already hated the older Fulton woman for her part in the Beth secret. Talk about massive double standards.

No One Gets Punished But Brooke!

Okay so we know Ridge is the world’s largest hypocrite and that he doesn’t get punished for anything he does and neither does anyone else. However, everyone thinks Brooke has to pay for everything she does. Katie currently feels betrayed by both her eldest sister and her fiancée who have been involved with each other before.

While her pain is understandable, why can’t she simply believe them when they said that it was a spare of the moment thing? It only happened because Ridge wouldn’t listen to Brooke about what was going on with Thomas. Yes, Brooke and Bill have history but it was years ago. They’re both full committed to their true loves: Ridge and Katie, respectively.

So, as we’ve questioned before why Ridge gets a free pass in kissing Shauna when Brooke doesn’t get the same liberty to kiss Bill and it meaning zilch. It’s like everyone wants to blame the matriarch and cause constant drama within the family.

Ridge: The Golden Boy

forever tied; manipulations;
[Credit: CBS Soaps In Depth]

Every woman cannot get enough of the one and only Ridge Forrester. He’s been married so many times and been with a number of other women over the years too. Let’s name them, shall we?

  1. Morgan DeWitt
  2. Caroline Spencer (the original)
  3. Brooke Logan
  4. Katie Logan
  5. Taylor Hamilton
  6. Caroline Spencer (the second)
  7. Shauna Fulton
  8. Karen Spencer (mistaken for OG Caroline)
  9. Donna Logan
  10. Alex Simpson
  11. Rhonda
  12. Heather
  13. Lauren Fenmore
  14. Ashley Abbott
  15. Bridget Forrester
  16. Quinn Forrester

See? Massive list. Let’s take a look at Bill’s romantic history:

  1. Katie Logan
  2. Brooke Logan
  3. Steffy Forrester
  4. Kelly Hopkins
  5. Quinn Forrester (long before she married Eric)
  6. Shauna Fulton
  7. Donna Logan

Bill is a romantic saint compared to Ridge. Okay, let’s look at Brooke.

  1. Ridge Forrester
  2. Eric Forrester
  3. Thorne Forrester
  4. Nick Marone
  5. ‘Dollar’ Bill Spencer
  6. Grant Chambers
  7. Whip Jones
  8. Oliver Jones
  9. Dave Reed
  10. Doug Sprain
  11. Connor Davis
  12. James Warwick
  13. Pierce Peterson
  14. Victor Newman
  15. Giovanni Lorenzano
  16. Jacques
  17. Deacon Sharpe
  18. Dante Damiano
  19. Thomas Forrester

Between Bill and Ridge, Spencer comes out as the tame one. There’s others that have been mentioned but there aren’t any names. We know Dollar Bill was quite the player back in the day so anything’s possible.

Ridge has done nothing but sleep or hook up with almost every woman on the show from the beginning. The only ones he hasn’t are the older generation including his mother, sisters, daughters, Hope and Shelia. There’s probably others but we’re not going to look into that right now.

What Does Shauna Have That Brooke Doesn’t? Why Is Kissing Bill A Crime?

Okay, so we need to talk about what Shauna has that Brooke doesn’t.

Shauna came from Las Vegas. Brooke is from the Valley. Ridge feels that his wife carries too much baggage due to her history with men. However, his newest squeeze is refreshing and doesn’t carry the same ‘crimes’ against him.

We know Brooke has history with Bill and that she was pregnant by him at one point before she miscarried the baby. It’s also no secret the media mogul and the dressmaker hate each other.

Bill sees Ridge as childish and a massive daddy’s boy. In fact, he doesn’t think too highly of any of the Forresters except Steffy.

Meanwhile, Ridge sees Bill as a womaniser who violated his daughter and stole his precious Logan. Then there’s the whole being thrown from a helicopter thing and the whole getting between Steffy and Liam situation.

For Ridge seeing footage of his wife kissing the man he hates above all else is the ultimate betrayal. However, what he doesn’t see is how much Brooke cannot stand Shauna. After all, the woman kept the truth about Beth hidden for months and she’s obsessed with him. She’s doing a pretty good job at hiding it from him but it’s obvious to everyone else.

Ridge Is Far From Innocent

Oh, Ridge. You might think you’re innocent but that’s okay. Bill sees right through you. All you do is complain when your life isn’t perfect. He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.

Let’s not forget he teamed up with Thorne and threw Bill off a balcony and he also conspired to keep Thomas from knowing Douglas was has son. Ridge is a terrible father by default because he jumped between Taylor and Brooke for years. Not to mention, he is willing to stoop low to get what he wants.

However, he can never see past Brooke’s mistakes and forgets about his own checkered past. The scheming. All the other women he has been with. The betrayals he has committed against the father who raised him, the woman who is meant to be his so-called ‘destiny’.

If he cared about Brooke, he would listen to her every time she goes with her gut. She was right about Thomas being obsessed with Hope. She was also correct about Quinn plotting to break up her and Ridge up so Shauna could have a Forrester man.

Why Ridge Should Listen To Others

rages; okay
[Credit: | She Knows]

Ridge doesn’t listen to anyone, not even his own daughter. Steffy raged at him over the kisses he shared with Shauna. She had every right to do so as the woman was involved in the baby swap.

Having Beth taken away from her hurt Steffy and she spent months trying to grieve for the little girl that didn’t really exist. Also, her own brother kept the truth from her. However, Ridge forgets the role Shauna played in ruining his daughter’s perfect little family she’d formed with the girls and Liam.

Also, Ridge has known Brooke for years. He should know that when her gut is telling her something, it’s normally correct. She was spot on about Thomas and yet, he wanted to think his son was changed. Ahh… he’s one to talk. He treated Old Tommy Boy like garbage for YEARS and didn’t think he could be a father to Douglas. While he was spot on, he’s the one who screwed his own kid over by not being a loving parent towards him.

Thomas was on the verge of turning his own son into a version of himself as manipulation is all the guy knows. However, thanks to Caroline’s teachings, Douglas knows right from wrong. Hope is also instilling that lies and deceit is not the the way the little boy should be raised. Ridge has a lot to answer for.

The reason Tommy tried to convert Douglas into himself is because it’s the only thing he knows. He watched as his parents manipulated their way through life and that’s how he does things, thinking he won’t get caught. Thomas’ way of thinking is similar to Ridge’s because he just assumes he’ll be forgiven.

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