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The Bold And The Beautiful THEORY: Liam Is Most Definitely The Father Of Steffy’s Baby


Since Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s second pregnancy was announced, we knew a paternity storyline was coming and it’s obvious as to who the father will be…

The Bold and Beautiful has officially lost its way. Promos for the show claim to have bombshells, when all it has are predictable moves that fans see from a mile away. It’s gotten to the point where things are obvious like who the father of Steffy’s baby is going to be.

Despite Steffy being intimate with Finn (off-screen) before she sleeps with Liam, there’s every chance the baby is the good, hot doc’s. However, Liam is going to be the daddy and here’s why. The writers and Brad Bell ADORE Ridge’s daughter. They’ve never intended for Bill’s waffle of a son to remain with Hope. That’s how it’s always been.

As obvious as it is, Liam will be the father so they’ll make him return to Steffy so she’s happy with ‘the true love of her life’ and she can have the family she had with him back. A broke hearted Hope will probably turn to Thomas and blah, blah, blah. We know what’s going to happen. As for Finn, well, that’s going to be a hard one to work out.

That begs the question, though. Why did they introduce Finn as Steffy’s love interest if the writers were going to have her get back with. Do they not realise how incredibly stale it is to have her go through yet another paternity storyline? Whatcha bet the writers never intended for Lope to stay together. It is so obvious that is what they’re doing.

If they think this is surprising to anyone, it’s really not. Fans have complained for years as to how obvious the storylines are or will be.

It Always Comes Back To Liam

Steffy will never get it through her head that Liam will never fully be hers. She might say that she’s in love with Finn, but it’s obvious that she still has unresolved feelings for her ex-husband and the father of her daughter.

Her accident at the hands of Bill was tragic, don’t get us wrong, but the fact that they introduced Finn as her love interest during this time and having Liam be involved, only complicates matters further.

Liam thought Finn was bad news in the beginning but he’s since backed off. Now, there’s the paternity of a child at sake and Spencer is caught within it. Has he and Steffy learned nothing since the ‘Who’s the daddy?’ drama with Kelly?

It terrified Steffy what Liam’s reaction would be when he discovered she’d slept with his father. She tried to hide it from him but it backfired when he found the paternity test results. This is what lead to the breakdown of their last marriage and they haven’t been together officially since.

We know we keep saying this, but let Steam get back together and leave it that way. Hope deserves someone like Finn who is going to be devoted to her and only her.

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