Coattail Riders: Prince Harry And Meghan Aren’t Actually Close To The Obamas


There is a reason why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not invited to the Obama party…

So, it looks like the close friendship that Prince Harry and Meghan have with the Obamas isn’t so close after all. Our favourite Markle News Instagram account added to their insta-stories earlier a repost of a post found on another account, American Royal Watcher, who found this interesting post on Tumblr. The relationship between the former POTUS and the Sussexes has been questionable for about a week when it was revealed that the ex-royals were not invited to Barack’s 60th birthday party. Various news outlets have been reporting on this, including The snub is likely what caused the former actress to put out that 40×40 video with Melissa McCarthy.

Let’s rewind for a moment. So, it was mentioned in the press that Meghan wanted to throw a massive party for her 40th birthday. It was alleged by Tatler that the celebration was meant to be organised by celebrity party planner, Colin Cowie. He has worked for the likes of Sussex stan and media queen, Oprah. However, it appears this plan fell apart as all the A-list guests, opted to go to POTUS’ birthday party hosted by, well, the Obamas. Just a fun fact, Barack and Meghan share the same birthday.

Returning to the Tumblr post, the reason why the former royals were not invited to Barack’s birthday is that the Obamas know the Sussexes are riding their coattails. Of course, it makes so much sense now if we stop and think about it.

Brand Deals

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Variety reported in mid-2019 that the Obamas had signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Spotify. The same media outlet also revealed a year earlier in May 2018 that the former political couple had signed a similar deal with Netflix.

Then, in 2020 just after they landed in the US, the Sussexes announced that they acquired brand deals with Netflix and Spotify. Hmmm… where does this sound familiar? Also, the Sussexes signed on with the same public speaking agency as the Obamas, the Harry Walker Agency, as per Harper’s Bazaar who is a pro-Sussex publication.

Made To Look Like The Two Couples Are Friends

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Meghan and Harry know how much people all around the world love the Obamas so they modelled – or attempted to – their business ventures after theirs [the Obamas]. As the Tumblr post (reposted by American Royal Watcher on IG – link above) says the reason people like Oprah and Ava Duvney were invited to Barack’s birthday is that they don’t ride on someone else’s coattails. The post also mentions that Michelle and Barack told People Magazine that they were NOT advising the Sussexes on how to handle Megxit back in 2020.

Now, a while ago, we were told by a US-based source that Meghan and Harry have friends at People. We trust this source 100% as they’ve been in the media for over 15 years. So, if you were to believe someone who would you lean towards? The Obamas or the Sussexes? We’d go Barack and Michelle because they have dignity when it comes to the royal family. We know that they both respect Her Majesty The Queen greatly. Remember when the former First Lady touched The Queen when she wasn’t meant to? Or what about when Barack met Harry and Meghan’s then-toddler nephew, Prince George in his dressing gown?

Note, the event with Prince George occurred long before Meghan even was on Harry’s radar. It has been reported by the report on American Royal Watcher that Markle had only ever met Michelle twice. One time, it is alleged, was in 2018, when she gate-crashed Michelle’s book signing in London, according to Good Morning America.

The second, apparently, was when Meghan included Michelle on the cover of her guest-edited edition of UK Vogue. The interview that was one with the former First Lady wasn’t done in person like Markle wanted people to believe. It was via email.


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There is nothing more insulting to the Sussexes than being mocked in the media. So, what do these two do? They have their PR team inform Page Six that they’re not going to Obama’s party. They make the absurd claim that they have a baby and a toddler to look after. This is the same excuse that has been used before. The first was when Meghan didn’t join Harry in the UK for Prince Philip’s funeral. At the time, she claimed two things. The first was the doctors didn’t give her clearance while the second was she didn’t want to be the centre of attention.

We know both are a lie. Meghan flew to New York in early 2019 for a baby shower in the later stages of her pregnancy with Archie, which has been a source of questioning by The Sun. Also, around the time of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, details for the Sussexes’ wreath were released as per No one else within the royal family released these details for the other wreaths.

Truth of the matter is, no one cared about who made the wreath, what types of flowers were used or that Meghan wrote a ‘heartfelt’ note in her iconic calligraphic handwriting. Nothing this woman does is ‘heartfelt’. She had no business doing any of this, especially after calling the entire royal family racists just weeks before. Also, her popularity had already hit rock bottom. She’d found way to make herself present without physically being there.

Finally, let’s not forget the whole thing with the Diana statue unveiling. We know how obsessed Meghan is with Diana. If they didn’t have a baby, then we have no doubts she would’ve been there. Again, she used the ‘I have a baby to care for’ story.

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