Did Nyssa Lose Her Chance To Be With Seg? Analysing The Krypton Love Triangle

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With the Krypton season 2 finale just around the corner, the Episode Mercy threw a spanner in the works… Lyta is still alive! With Seg now back with his love, has this ruined Nyssa’s chance to be a family with him and their son?

Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) was always the underdog in Krypton’s love triangle. With her offspring getting kidnapped twice and his daddy being stranded in the Phantom Zone by his future son (Colin Salmon), her chance of being his would never work out. There’s a lot of love between her and her son’s papa, but will become romantic?

Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan) intended his youngest daughter to Seg (Cameron Cuffe) after he saves the Voice of Rao (Blake Ritson). Originally, Nyssa would use him to achieve her own goals. This changed when she learned about being a clone.

For six months, she struggled with whom she was. Since the birth of her little boy, she has tried to right the wrongs she and her father committed. Seg explains he sees an alternate side to her while others see evil. She’s changed and is devoted to her new family. But did she lose out to Lyta (Georgina Campbell)?

As A Mother

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As the daughter of the chief magistrate, no one expected Nyssa to be capable of love. Her maternal instincts kick in when Brainiac attempts to absorb the life forces in the Genesis Chamber. She retrieves the pod containing the fetus out of danger.

Once he is born, she refuses to let him leave her sight for even a second. When he is kidnapped by (clone) Lyta’s soldiers, Nyssa into instantly enters panic mode. Upon confronting Zod, she orders he gives her back the infant but when he doesn’t she goes ballistic.

To get Cor (later Jor) back, she reluctantly agrees to work with Zod. Betraying Val (Ian McElhinney) is something she never thought about. He’d become a grandfather-figure to her. When she explains to him what happened. Val is understanding and doesn’t consider her a traitor. To him, she was placed in an impossible position that she couldn’t fix on her own. Though, he is reluctant to trust her when she returns after her reunion with his grandson.

Reunion With Seg

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With her baby still in Zod’s clutches, Nyssa’s ‘betrayal’ lands her in hot water with Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham). When Val discovers what his former protégé plans to do with the codex, Nyssa takes the device knowing. She gets it off Wegthor and ends up running to Seg who returned from his stint in the Phantom Zone.

She explains what happened with their child and he [Seg] is quick to want to help. Her intended puts total faith in her to get their little boy out of his tyrannical future kid’s hands. Seg trusted her to jump out a window with their baby in her arms into the skimmer.

She shares a moment with him as they bond over their son. In her mind, that one single moment was too good to be true. With this long-awaited bonding session out of the way, she announces her intention of discounting her family name. Seg agrees to name their baby Cor-El.

Val’s AI speaks up and explains that any member of their family who takes the El name should take the forename of an ancestor. He suggests the name of his own father, Jor. Nyssa says it’s perfect. She watches with pride as Seg christens their baby with his new name; Jor-El.

Launching Operation: Rescue Jor And Lyta’s Not Dead?

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Despite their joy, the new parents are forced into defensive mode when the nanites disappear. AI Val scans Jor and Nyssa and the results are negative. His grandson concludes that the nanites have infected him. Before he can be scanned, the AI glitches out and is replaced by Brainiac. The alien then kidnaps Jor and disappears. This leaves them horrified and but their love for their son has them pushing forward to get him back.

With their son again kidnapped, Nyssa and Seg launch a rescue mission to get him back. Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) and Dev (Aaron Pierre) arrive, sensing the angst in the room. After explaining what happened, the former soldiers tell the pair they promise to help them get their baby back but they need to stop Zod first.

Seg and Nyssa are so in sync it’s like they’re a couple. Their goal is simple: stop Dru, get their baby back. What could go wrong with that? They get themselves captured and they tell the tyrant off. Little did they realise, Lyta is alive.

Seg’s reaction to his dead love’s return devastates Nyssa. Seeing her heartbreak pulls at the heartstrings. She thought she had a shot but Lyta’s return ruined any chance.

Through Seg’s Eyes

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From the moment he and Nyssa were intended by Daron, Seg tried to dissolve any link to House Vex. Over time, he and the youngest of five daughters grew to share a close bond. Now that the child is born, their connection is closer than before. They both love their little boy and would go to the ends of Krypton to protect him.

Seg never thought he would love anyone the way he loves Jor. He adores being his dad and enjoys holding him and getting to see him thrive. However, his joy is short-lived when the infant is kidnapped by Brainiac. He promises Nyssa they’ll get him back, but they need to stop the baby’s bastard half-brother from killing the universe.

To him, his son is the future of the House of El and wants that happen. Losing him to his alien nemesis is the last thing the new father wanted to happen. Getting Jor back should serve as Seg’s number one priority. He can’t lose his little boy now when the future of the House of El lays on the shoulders of his future grandson.

Coming Together For Jor

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If there’s one thing Seg and Nyssa have in common, it’s family is the most important thing. They both had different experiences with their own relatives. For the youngest Vex, she had four sisters and a father who wanted to create his own perfect image. The former rankless and scion to the House of El was raised by his parents in a place where their family name was taken away from them, giving them no identity to the guilded.

With Jor, Seg and Nyssa want to their child the life they didn’t. They can’t do that without getting him out of the clutches of Brainiac first. However, they choose to this is still to questionable. We just have to hope they join forces to get him back before they can’t reverse the situation. Regardless if they’re together or not, their son comes first and for whatever comes next for their family.

Juggling Baby Mamas

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Due to having two sons with Lyta and Nyssa, there’s always going to be undealt with feelings. He loves them both, but he can only choose one. While Lyta is the love of Seg’s life, Nyssa is the mother of the future of his family name.

Seg really needs to consider the pros and cons of being with each woman. Does Lyta bring him true happiness even if it means an evil son will be born? Will being Nyssa mean that the El family name continues with not just Jor but a certain child who is the father of Kara Zor-El? No matter what questions he asks himself, he needs to ensure it’s what he wants and whether it benefits his sons.

Lyta might see herself as unrivaled for Seg’s love, but she has a tough fight as Nyssa puts up a fight for the same man. She knows about Jor and how dedicated her beloved and her rival are to their child. At the same time, she too will have a kid with him who will try to rule the galaxy and every planet he can.

Nyssa’s relationship with her baby’s father isn’t what she thought it was going to be. She planned to use him for her own schemes. Th until she discovered she was a clone of the original Nyssa. When her son is born after Seg disappeared, her main priority is keeping the only memory of Seg safe.

When it comes time for the father of two to choose between the two women in his life, he’s going to need to consider how this affects his family. How will his chosen lady affect the House of El going forward? Will they be able to serve as matriarch as well as the mother of the heir to the famous moniker?

Abolishing Rivalries

Now, Nyssa and Lyta can continue fighting over Seg for the sake of their kids, or they join together. Wouldn’t it be better if they were friends or allies rather than being at each other’s throats?

If they want a good relationship with Seg, they’d need to join forces to make sure he can bring peace to Krypton. To do that, he’d need their full attention to stop Dru from laying their planet to waste. Lyta knows Dru better than anyone, even her son’s father. She could be the key to stopping him while Nyssa tries to get her own baby back.

What makes their rivalry so unique is their bond with their baby daddy. Sure, he has affection for Lyta more, but his relationship with Nyssa is equally as strong because they share Jor. The love they have for their little boy is stronger than anything either of them has experienced.

For Nyssa and Lyta to team up, they would need to put aside their views.  In order to get along, they would need to forget for a short period that they’re fighting over their respective sons’ father and put their heads together and stop the threats presented.

If they stopped fighting, they could be good friends. It’s surprising how much they have in common if you sit back and think about it. They’re both badasses. Both have sons with Seg. They don’t back down from a challenge. Neither have great relationships with their families. The point is, these two women need to reunite for everyone’s sakes.


So, to answer the question, Nyssa may still have a fighting chance to have a future with Seg. After all, she gave their son the last name of El. She even agreed to rename her child to continue the legacies Val and Segput in place everyone thought they’d died. At some point, the new dad will realise a life with Lyta may not be possible given their future child’s larger than life rap sheet.

No matter what happens with Seg and Nyssa’s relationship, we’ll be excited to see where it goes. We wouldn’t have Jor without them and there would be no Superman without the littlest El.

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