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The Bold And The Beautiful: Paris Arrives In Town And There’s A Lot She Already Knows


The secret surrounding what happened to Baby Beth Spencer didn’t remain quiet when it comes to Paris knowing about it…

Zoe’s little sister, Paris is a massive surprise. She might not know a thing about fashion, but she knows a secret is never good when it comes to someone else’s livelihoods. A couple of episodes ago, the youngest of Reese Buckingham’s daughters revealed she actually knew some of what went on with her father.

Now, the story would’ve been all over the news and in the papers. Let’s not forget Zoe would’ve filled Paris in on what happened. A secret that big doesn’t just remain buried. It was going to get out at some point. However, what surprised us was that the youngest Buckingham didn’t know the whole story of how her sister was involved.

Zoe explains to her that Reese guilt tripped her into keeping the secret that Beth was alive. Paris makes the point that she shouldn’t feel guilty something their dad did and conned her into. Reese stole a baby, not his eldest daughter.

She’s correct in that regard. Zoe only did what she was told. Sure, she wanted to tell her father ‘no’, but he emotionally blackmailed her into keeping him out of prison. However, the truth caught up with him and he’s now in a prison cell, presumably in England as that was where he was last known to be.

What Zoe did was wrong, no question. But Hope and Liam forgave her for her role in the Beth situation. They got their daughter back even though it broke Steffy’s heart. We’ve also spoken about the elder Buckingham sibling being evil at the time but Paris did have a point when she said Reese was at fault.

It’s like the whole Shauna situation that is going on in the adjoining storyline.

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