Sussex Royal Is No More


Prince Harry and Meghan have retired their Sussex Royal Instagram account. It’s no more, folks!

It’s been a year since the Sussex Royal Instagram account went live and now, we’re saying goodbye to it. The brand is no more, folks!

The couple’s decision to step down came at a price and it’s believed that they threw a tantrum over not being able to use the name. That’s just the price they pay for not being able to handle the life of a blue blood.

Sure, they still have their titles of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but they cannot use the word royal. Do we really care? Not really as we lost a lot respect for both of them. Harry has become a changed man since he married Meghan and he’s been driven out of his family after being forced to choose between her and the family in which he was born into.

Also, Sussex Royal is just a brand name. They’re creative people who can work something out. After all, it is rumoured Meghan might be thinking about relaunching her blog, The Tig. The Queen did the right thing in revolving all royal based privileges except the whole title thing.

If it were us, we would strip them of everything and just allow them to use the Mountbatten-Windsor surname, the same as their son. Also, it might have been their decision to end their time as senior royals, but the public is never going to respect them in the same way again. They were meant to honour and respect her her Majesty The Queen. Now, they’re doing her a great dishonour by not remaining within The Firm. They wanted the titles but not the work. Not the way the monarchy works and they should know that.

Too bad about the Sussex Royal thing. The Instagram and website will remain online.

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