NIVEA Creme & Oil Pearls Cherry Blossom REVIEW

Oil Pearls

Have you tried every type of bodywash and haven’t gotten the results you hoped for? Look no further than the new NIVEA Creme & Oil Pearls range.

The Cherry Blossom scent smelled amazing, and it feels amazing on the skin! NIVEA is an amazing brand who are always upping their skincare game. However, there were a couple of things we wished were different with the range. Please note: we only used ONE of the products. This review only reflects on the item we used. Our opinions may change on a different project in the range.

The first thing is the size of the bottle. For a well-known brand, we expected something bigger for the price we paid. As the product only comes in one size, expect the container to be 250ml.

Our second issue is the price. For a product under the $10 price range, we expected the shower cream to be a little cheaper so everyone can buy and use it for themselves. For a brand catering for women’s skincare, it should be affordable for everyone, no matter their budget.

We would recommend not using a cleansing puff for this product. The reason being, because it doesn’t foam like other bodywashes do. Use a facecloth or if you need to, use your hands, though it’s not as effective a cloth.

Other Oil Pearl Products

There are a number of products in the range including:

  • Cherry Blossom (the one we used)
  • Lotus
  • Yiang Yiang

Despite everything we’ve said about the product, we’re happy we tried it. However, we want people to try it for themselves. We loved the oil pearls and cannot wait to try the rest of the brand.

We won’t rate the oil pearls shower cream because our words should speak for our opinion.

[Please be advised this POST is NOT Sponsored by Nivea in any way]

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