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Dancing All-Stars: Night 3 – Back To The Start

night 3

Here comes Night 3…

Breakdowns for Night 1 and Night 2.

It’s now night 3 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Australia and we’re going back to the beginning minus Fifi Box who was eliminated during the first episode…

Bec & Craig

For night 3, Bec’s second dance is the Jive.

Love how the old Pinball machines have come into it.

Loving the lifts and that that she’s not wearing heels.

Todd said it was fun and happy but wants her to step up that sets her apart from the other contestants. Helen said she has strong work ethic and says that she doesn’t agree with Todd very much. Paul loved the lifts and how fast it was but wanted more connection. Mark said he wanted it to be faster as she was doing it in the package.

Bec & Craig’s score is: 31

Lincoln & Lily

Linc’s second dance is Tango.

Linc looks like he’s having an absolute ball though some of the steps look a little slow or out of place or even out of time.

Helen wants Lincoln to be gentle with Lily and compares him to a truck. Paul was disappointed though he was glad he’s improved and that he looked like a dancer. We missed what Todd said.

Lincoln & Lily’s score is: 29

Kyly & Gustavo

Kyly’s night 3 dance is Foxtrot.

So pretty! Kelsey-Lee would be so proud of her mummy. It reminds me of that Disney short where the characters look like Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable and that one that was on prior to Raya and the Last Dragon.

Helen said it was beautiful. There is a depth to the competition. Mark said it was Gene Kelly and LaLa Land. Todd said it was good because Kyly could make it to the finale with Bec and Renee.

Kyly & Gustavo’s score is: 37

Matty J & Ruby

Matty’s night 3 dance is: Viennese Waltz.

Much better than the first dance. It looks a little stiff.

Mark said it was beautiful and was shocked by it but there was chaffing. Todd says Matty was enjoying and said he wasn’t the best dancer. Helen said he would have a good frame as a ballroom dancer if they had more time. Paul said Matty was gentle and said he had the potential to be a good dancer.

Matty & Ruby’s score is: 26

Schapelle & Shae

Schapelle’s Night 3 dance is the Charleston.

Looks a little awkward but love the idea of using a Beyoncé song, and perhaps a little out of time.

Todd said he takes back his comment as it got the better of her. Helen said the dance just wasn’t for her but said everyone has their strengths. Paul said she didn’t stop despite it being not great.

Schapelle & Shae’s score is: 20

Tom & Alex

Foxtrot is Tom’s next dance.

Graceful, great spins and lifts.

Helen said she commends Tom for wearing his heart on his sleeve after his meltdown backstage. Paul questions whether he should mark Tom on what happened and he says no, he just wants to be judged his ability. Paul also loves the lifts. Todd loves that he cares. Tom gets really teary which shows that he cares.

Tom & Alex’s score is: 27


Bec & Craig – safe

Kyly & Gustavo – safe

Lincoln & Lily – safe

Tom & Alex – safe

Dance Off

Matty J & Ruby – safe

Schapelle & Shae – eliminated

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