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Dancing All-Stars: Night 2 – Best Of Two Nights

night 2

It’s Night 2 of Dancing with the Stars All-Stars…

For our breakdown for night 1, go here!

It’s night 2 of DWTS All-Stars but with the second group of the fourteen. It’s going to be fun!

Ada & Aric

Ada’s first dance is Cha Cha Cha… which she fudged the first time…

Wow! So much better though there were a few slow bits that weren’t meant to be slow. Now, Ada is how night 2 was supposed to start!

Helen said Ada still has it and wants her to use her hips more. Paul said she needs to be careful going in and out of lifts. Mark says it’s classy. Todd said it was brilliant

Ada & Aric’s score is: 30

Luke & Jorja

Luke’s first dance is Tango because he hated it the first time…

Much better timing than before and he’s succeeding at it.

Paul said the routine didn’t draw him in. Mark said Luke attacked it. Todd said it was friendly aggressive. Helen said he has lost nothing.

Luke & Jorja’s score is: 31

Erin & Julian

Erin’s first name is Viennese Waltz.

Wow. Fluent and bold!

Mark said he wants Julian and Erin to connect more. Todd said she’s a good faker. Helen said it looked interesting. Paul said he totally disagrees with Mark and Todd and he was hooked despite the performance issues.

Erin & Julian’s score is: 26

Renee & Jarryd

Renee’s first dance is Cha Cha Cha.

Renee looks like she’s having the time of her life and she gels with Jarryd really well.

Todd looked like he was impressed. Helen said it was ground but a little fluffy. Paul felt safe.

Renee & Jarryd’s score is: 36

Jamie & Siobhan

Jamie’s first dance is Foxtrot… oh, boy…

Jamie looks like he’s having fun despite having to be restrained.

Helen said Jamie raced the music. Paul said the lift wasn’t right for the routine. Mark said he needs to be soft and in control. Todd said lift wasn’t the best choice.

Jamie & Siobhan’s score is: 28

Jessica & Lyu

Jessica’s first dance is the Viennese Waltz.

Talk about graceful! Awesome!

Paul was wowed and made him feel tearful. Mark can see and feel the specialness of Lyu and Jess’ relationship. Todd said it was half-half.

Jessica & Lyu’s score is: 28

Manu & Katrina

Manu’s first dance is Foxtrot.

Manu is very wooden and square. How did he win it the first time?

Mark said his posture is not right but his timing is right. No neck Foxtrot. Todd has to test out out how Manu’s posture works? Helen agrees with Todd which doesn’t happen like ever. He needs to stand better.

Manu & Katrina’s score is: 23


Ada & Aric – safe

Luke & Jorja – safe

Renee & Jarryd – safe

Manu & Katrina – safe

Three Way Tie

Jess & Lyu – safe

Jamie & Siobhan – safe

Erin & Julian – eliminated

Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Australia continues tomorrow at 7:30pm.

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