The Nickname That Prince Harry Gained Prior To 2018 Royal Wedding

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The royal staff must have visions of the future because they came up with a nickname for Prince Harry prior to his marriage to Meghan that seems almost fitting…

Whoever said that the royal staff didn’t have a sense of humour must not have a funny bone of their own. 9Honey has reported that prior the 2018 royal wedding of Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle, the personnel working under the blue-blood had given him a rather heinous though fitting nickname; the hostage.

Now, royal fans who don’t like Meghan and Harry will be aware that we’ve seen a bit of a ‘pattern’ whenever the prince has done videos or Zoom chats on his own from their Santa Barbara home. He appears to be using the same wall every time and makes people think he’s in a dungeon. However, the staff’s nickname for him seems to come up in different way.

According to 9Honey, there were tensions already in place before Meghan had even step foot within in the royal family. It is believed that despite the royal bride-to-be getting everything she asked for (almost), it still didn’t satisfy her. This lead to her being labelled “demanding”.

Now, what does have to do with Harry’s nickname? We actually don’t know. But, we’re bound to get an update on this story after the Oprah interview airs. Though, we don’t think anything will come out about that.

Could it be possible that Meghan’s tyrannical behaviour was taking its toll on Harry long before now? We’ll probably never know. We know that she’s been accused of bullying Kensington Palace staff which she has denied. When the interview airs, we expect some of the women who were allegedly abused to come forward. They should be allowed to speak their truths.

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