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The Bold And The Beautiful: Is Quinn Aiming To Be The New Stephanie?

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It looks like Quinn has the upper hand in her conflict with Brooke, but we need to ask ourselves if she’s aiming to be the next Stephanie Forrester?

Stephanie Forrester was a hard woman and Brooke Logan knows this all too well. For years they fought and had an on-off relationship. In the end, the Forrester Matriarch handed the reins over to her former rival before she died in her arms.

However, fast forward almost a decade and Eric’s current wife Quinn Fuller has it out with Brooke and is using the same insults Stephanie did. So, we need to question if she is aiming to become the next Stephanie?

The Portrait

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The first piece of evidence we need to examine is the god awful portrait of Quinn hanging up above the Forrester Mansion fireplace. That place is only reserved for the wife of the Patriarch. We’ve seen different images hanging up there for different reasons.

An image of Nicole Avant hung on the wall briefly when she married Zende in the mansion. In Sheila’s twisted fantasy, a portrait of herself hung on the wall as she wanted Eric back. The same applies to a painting of Hope also sat in the same spot during Thomas’ daydream of being married to her.

We know Brooke is the Matriarch, but she is not married to Eric. She doesn’t care about the place above the mantle. The only thing she cares about is honouring Stephanie’s legacy.

Marriage To Eric

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Quinn really is living the high life. She also basically jumped at the chance to be the next Stephanie when she married Eric under her portrait. We can just see it falling off the wall. The picture below is a behind-the-scenes image rather than a screenshot from the actual episodes that featured the wedding.

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Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will recall that Eric and Stephanie married and divorced many times over the years because of her schemes. Brooke might have broken them up several times but it so long ago we can’t remember. Anyway, Quinn being married to Stephanie’s husband is another link the two share.

It was noted a few episodes ago by Eric that if Stephanie and Quinn had come face-to-face, they would have ripped each other apart. Brooke agreed with him as she knew her late mother-in-law and rival just as well as he did.

Rivalry With Brooke

Brooke has always been wary of Quinn and so she should be. The woman claims she’s changed but she really hasn’t. She has encouraged her best friend (Shauna) to go after Ridge when Bridge were separated. While it worked to a degree, Shauna had a lapse of conscience and doesn’t want to ruin what her dream man wants: Brooke.

Stephanie’s feud with Brooke goes back to well before Quinn even arrived in Los Angeles. If there was one thing the matriarch hated, it was people who meddled in a couple’s marriage. Ultimately, Stephanie saw Brooke as a threat. Towards the end of her life, she realised that she and her on-off daughter-in-law were more alike than she thought. This was the whole reason she asked Brooke to be the new Forrester Matriarch.

Sure, Brooke has done a lot of things and she’s slept with a load of men. But she hasn’t tried to kill people the way Quinn has. She held Aly over a balcony, pushed Ivy off a bridge in Paris, was the reason Hope miscarried her child with Wyatt. We could go on.

Unlike Quinn, Brooke doesn’t go running around screaming, “I’m the Forrester Matriarch! Respect me!” People respect her while they struggled to warm up to Quinn given everything twisted she has done.

Since the whole war started,Quinn thinks because her portrait hangs on the wall and she’s married to Eric, that automatically makes her matriarch. It’s a title that is earned not handed down from one wife to another.

Perfect Life Or Perfect Family

To be the next Stephanie you need the Forrester family to respect you, right? Quinn easily forgets the resistance the Forresters had when she and Eric got together. Despite everything that has happened, Brooke is still a part of the family and Eric has always seen to that.

Eric’s soft spot for Brooke and the Logans has never waived and he also hates having to take sides when fights break out. However, if spoilers are anything to go by, he will need to take sides which means, he might kick his wife to the curb.

If this happens, it would mean Quinn’s ultimate plan to rid the Forrester clan of Brooke would backfire. She has had the perfect life in being married to Eric and she also got the perfect family. Once a gold digger, always a gold digger.

Respect isn’t instantly earned because of who you’re married to. Brooke has been a staple in the family for years. Quinn hasn’t been around for decades and yet, she brings up things Brooke has done in the past? Give us a break! She’s done more disgusting acts than Brooke has.

“You Hate My Mother This Much? What Has She Ever Done To You?!”

Bridget made a good point when she says, “You hate my mother that much? What has she ever done to you?” If there’s one thing she knows about Brooke, it’s betrayal. After all, Brooke slept with her ex-husband Deacon and conceived Hope. However, she eventually forgave her and embraced her little sister.

Yes, Quinn was also right in saying Bridget isn’t around much, but she had no right to treat her like shit! She’s her stepdaughter as she’s Eric’s daughter. However, it was unwise to call her rival out while Bridget was there.

Brooke is no saint and everyone knows that but neither is Quinn. As we’ve stated before, she’s done far worse things. As we’ve mentioned, she’s tried to kill every people. So, that doesn’t give her the right to come in and out Brooke’s one-time kiss with Bill that Shauna impulsively filmed.

Bridget, who was named after the Brooke and Ridge coupling, has had great respect for her stepfather/adoptive half-brother. However, She is not thrilled to have her stepmother out her mother. Their family is complicated enough as it is.

Quinn had better watch out because Bridget is not a woman who puts up with shit. She dealt with it when she was younger when Brooke stole her husbands. The last thing she needs is another repeat with her Aunt Katie.

Evil Never Wins

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Okay, we sound like Buzz Lightyear here, but whatever. Quinn thinks she everything she needs to boot Brooke out of the family. However, she is going to get the shock of her life when her whole plan comes undone before her very eyes.

Fingers crossed Eric interjects and dumps her on her arrogant face. We want to see the look in her eyes when he lays down the law with her. He told her to be civil with Brooke not try and kick her out of the family because she kissed Bill.

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