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Home And Away: What’s Next For Leah?

At the conclusion of last week, we saw Leah escape her captor, Douglas, but the experience left her traumatised. This leads us to ask what’s going to happen next with her?

What’s going to happen next with the Leah storyline currently playing out on Home and Away? As Australian fans saw on Thursday’s episode, Leah made a hasty escape from the clutches of Douglas, her crazed ‘fiancée’. It also resulted in Colby being stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors, which we’ll talk about later. Meanwhile, we still don’t know why this crazy guy captured the beloved Summer Bay local.

As we mentioned in earlier posts on this subject, Leah’s disappearance was out of character for her as she wouldn’t just get up and leave her friends and family. Justin begs Colby to help him find his partner before the cop finds information that might help them.

However, we learn a few things about Douglas during the Wednesday and Thursday episodes. It’s discovered that the man has a long history of violence but for minor things. He was also ‘married’ before and wanted Leah to use the same wedding dress and makeup as his first wife.

It also makes us wonder want happened to the first woman he married? Did he kill her? Could she have leave him? Did Leah remind him of her so much that Douglas kidnapped her? If he killed her, it would have been domestic violence related given the injuries Leah has.

Will Leah End Up With PTSD Symptoms?

Given the traumatic experiences Leah has had to endure, it’s possible she might end up with PTSD or symptoms relating to it. She was treated like a slave and was told not to argue or talk back to Douglas. Basically, he treated her like an old fashioned housewife who could do nothing but housework and please her husband.

The effects of Leah’s ordeal have already been made apparent. She was forced to read from a script written by Douglas when Justin made contact saying that ‘she no longer loved him.’ Justin knew straight away something wasn’t right and knew he had to do something.

Even Irene knew something wasn’t right when Tori told her what the police had told her brother. Leah wouldn’t just run away. When she was at the hospital, she wouldn’t talk to anyone.

Why Did Douglas Kidnap Leah?

It all started with that phone call that had Leah disappear and for weeks, we didn’t know where she’d gone. So, what did Douglas say to Leah to get her to go to him? It could have been anything from he threatened to harm someone she loved whether they were out of Summer Bay or not. We will just have to wait to find out next week.

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