New York Really Is The Concrete Jungle If Its Politicians Enjoyed Being Used For PR Stunts

New York

From the unsuitable fashion choices to the exposed wires to using New York politicians for their own means, Harry and Meghan see no bounds. If they think something benefits them, they’ll go for it and there’s zero stopping the super pair of hypocrisy. They’ve already bitched about their families to Oprah Winfrey, Dax Shepard and on an Apple docu-series. Now, they’re trying to make it in the big apple by talking to the mayor, Bill de Blasio and other political figures.

Everything about the Sussexes’ self-indulgent royal tour in New York screams, “Look at us, we’re important and doing things”. However, nothing they’re doing seems to be making people happy. It seems to be having the opposite effect. There were no crowds who screamed Harry and Meghan’s names except two people who would’ve gotten paid and more than a dozen security guards and, of course, the “gutter press” who the duo hate but need to be visible.

Also, does anyone believe that Meghan was attempting to take revenge on Michelle Obama? One of the outfits she wore mimicked the former First Lady. We’ll come back to this in a moment, but it blows our minds as to how out of touch the fake royals are. We covered some of their antics in our previous post, but this one is more detailed.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Why People In New York (And America) Don’t Care About The Sussexes

Let’s begin with a simple one. Do the people of New York City care about Harry and Meghan? Given the lack of crowds, no, they do not. What have these two done for the residents of the big apple? Nothing. It seems to us that the Sussexes thought that the people of one of America’s most famous cities would come out in droves to see them. For what reason would they want to see them? Their popularity in the US might be more favourable, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Look at the measly 17million people who tuned in across America to watch them bitch about the royals to Oprah. Now, we’re no experts, but this speaks volumes. Also, appearing on the front of Time Magazine didn’t do them any favours either.

To all the Sugarheads reading this, no crowds lined the streets. Check our friend Sue Smith’s video about Markle’s coating wearing for more information. The people don’t need to be told by the sixth in line to the British throne and his D-list former actress wife how to live.

Revenge Outfits?

Sorry to break it to you, Sussex diehards but Meghan’s fashion choices are bland as can be. Also, they’re ill-fitting. Now, before you accuse us of body-shaming, we’re not. We know when a piece of clothing doesn’t fit and most of Markle’s outfits in New York were nothing game-changing.

As we mentioned earlier, one of Meghan’s outfits looked like a replica of something her former friend, Michelle Obama wore when Joe Biden was sworn into office. Here’s a reference:

You’ll even notice that the colour of Meghan’s outfit is almost the same shade as Michelle’s. Could it be possible that this was Meghan’s way of giving the former First Lady the middle finger? Could she be reaping her revenge for not being invited to Barack’s 60th birthday party?

Twitter has been abuzz with the comparison. People are taking the piss out of Meghan’s wardrobe choice because it resembles Joaquin Phoenix’s costume in the film, Joker.

What people also couldn’t get over were the long coats Meghan wore. Moreover, this comes despite the warm weather and the untailored pants that dragged on the ground. That’s a trip hazard if you’re wearing heels, which Markle was.

For those wondering, the US is coming out of summer, and it is still warm out. That begs the question of why the HELL would someone be wearing a coat in 25-degree heat? So you know, this blog is written in Australia, where we use Celsius to measure temperature rather than Fahrenheit.

The Hand-Holding Is Back!

What didn’t escape our notice is that the Sussexes were back holding hands. Not to mention, this is unprofessional for any couple who are working together. You don’t see Catherine and William holding hands while on official business. You certainly, don’t see Edward and Sophie doing it either.

In all the photos published of William and Catherine that have come out over the years, we’ve only seen them hold hands not even a half-dozen times. Now, for all the people who will complain, would you hold your partner’s hand if you were working with them in an official way?

Now, in the beginning, this was cute. But, over time it became annoying due to the unprofessionalism.

Wearing A Blood Diamond To A 9/11 Memorial

What made us sick was how Meghan was wearing a blood diamond to a 9/11 Memorial. We touched on this in our previous post, but for more context, here’s a photo from the event:

New York
[Credit: Herald Sun]

You can’t see the pinky ring in the above photo, but she is definitely wearing it. Talk about disrespect to the victims of the 9/11 attacks! She is wearing bling from a man who approved the assassination of a journalist. The 2,996 people who were killed were murdered by terrorists. Yet, Markle has zero care about the people and just wants to make a statement that she’s rich and important.

The Diana Connections

It’s never been a secret that Meghan is Diana-obsessed and Harry cannot let go of his mother’s death. However, the New York trip is more connected to the late Princess of Wales than you may think. Dan Hastings of the Daily Express and many others on social media have pointed out that the Sussexes were staying at the Carlyle Hotel which is where the late royal stayed during her trip to New York in 1989 and other times after this.

Also, the bag Meghan is seen carrying on of the days is said to be the Christian Dior Lady D-Lite Bag, as reported by Georgia Brown of Hello Magazine.

Just a quick note on the bag, it was renamed the Lady Dior Bag in Diana’s honour after it became one of her most prized handbags, according to Héloïse Salessy of Vogue France.


One of the most tone-deaf parts of the Sussexes’ New York “royal tour” is their little trip to Harlem, one of the most underprivileged parts of the city. Meghan flaunted her wealth by wearing thousands of dollars of clothing on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewellery. Oh, and let’s not forget she read her book to a bunch of kids who were too old. The Booktopia product page for The Bench says the book is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 7. Also, if you look at some of the footage, the kids look about ready to fall asleep.

Let’s not forget that it’s not a storybook, it’s a poem that talks to adults. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if the children had no idea who Meghan was. What are the teachers going to tell them? “We’ve got two special guests! One’s a prince and the other is his wife, a true princess?” We’re sure that would add to Markle’s already massive ego.

The Hidden Wire, Coats, And Pushing Kids Away

So, we thought we’d add these to the same section because there’s not much more we’re going to include. Our final points are the hidden wire, Meghan’s coats, and Harry pushing kids away from him.

For a couple who are supposedly parents with two kids under three, you would think Harry and Meghan would be used to children climbing on them. Well, there was a piece of footage where the former royal prince pushes a load of school children away from him. Now, why would this be? Well, some eagle-eyed social media sleuths have noticed a hidden wire poking out from his trouser pocket. This means he had a hidden microphone attached.

Rachel Sharp of the Daily Mail said that the same microphone wire was seen in a high-res shot of the prince hugging Melba Wilson, a business owner in New York. If we had to guess, Harry pushing those kids away was his way of stopping them from discovering the microphone. Not to mention, a cameraman is seen in a lot of footage from the three days. Ultimately, this indicates they’re shooting footage for Netflix.

As for Meghan, this might be the reason why she wears all those heavy coats. Though, the audio may come across as more muffled.

Finally, we need to address the elephant on the outing. America, as well as the rest of the world, is still in the midst of the pandemic so why did the Sussexes want kids to hug them? They are total strangers. Remember last year when the Sussexes went to a preschool to plant flowers and were allowed in but the kids’ parents weren’t? Yeah, same issue.

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