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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Demands To Know Who Carter’s New Lady Love Is Despite Having No Right To Ask

New Lady

Carter’s new lady love isn’t going to go down well with Zoe or anyone for that matter…

Zoe is really beginning to get on our last nerve! She believes she is entitled to know who Carter was having sex with. First off, she has no right to ask such a question because she is no longer engaged to the man. What he does when not at the office is his business, not hers. What’s more, is that Walton’s new lady love shouldn’t be in the public domain for people to mock and judge.

Sure, Carter is an innate hypocrite because he hooked up with a married woman not long after breaking up with Zoe. She doesn’t own him. Though, she needs to realise that if he wants to move on, he will and she cannot stop him.

Moving over to Quinn, she said that her fling with the COO can never happen again, and yet they end up in bed together for the third time. This is what Shauna points out too. While she obviously had no desire to be Carter’s new lady love, it’s going to go downhill fast when the pieces begin to get put together. They already have as Zoe notices the jacket that had been on the floor the previous night.

Shauna is forced to jump in and claim the jacket is hers which horrifies Zoe. We’ll probably get the aftermath of his in tomorrow’s episode. However, if she goes to put it on, it’s not going to fit her correctly. Whether this happens, we don’t know until another time. When the truth comes out, it is going to be EXPLOSIVE! We’ve already seen a pissed-off Buckingham when she confronted Thomas at their doomed wedding about him wanting Hope over her. Who knows how she’s going to respond to what’s coming her way.

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