Why William Could Never Forgive Meghan

William will likely never forgive Meghan for the hurt she has caused…

Prince Harry doesn’t know the definition of hurt. His brother, William does and it’s all because of Meghan. The Duke of Cambridge will likely never forgive his sister-in-law for the chaos she has caused within the royal family. This post comes from an article written by Dan Wootton for the Daily Mail. While we don’t agree with everything he says, he does make some valid points.

William has always been cautious around people who would love the opportunity to snag a British royal. This is the reason he cautioned Harry to get to know Meghan better before he even considered the possibility of marriage. However, this didn’t go down too well and look at what happened. Also, we’ve always known that the Duke of Cambridge is incredibly supportive and protective of wife, Catherine whom was named publicly in the Oprah interview. What upset the future king is how she got accused or making their sister-in-law cry during the bridesmaids dress fittings. Well, we have another theory that we found which was an interesting read.

It is alleged by The Times journalist Valentine Low to 60 Minutes Australia that the narrative of Meghan/Catherine making each other cry was actually the following:

Meghan made Catherine cry and Kate felt guilty so she decided to take flowers as a truce only to have the door slammed in her face and the gift thrown in the bin. What kind of person doesn’t accept an apology that heartfelt?

William Will Never Forgive Meghan’s Treatment Of His Family And How They’ve been Portrayed

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William loves his family and understands they aren’t perfect. What he doesn’t appreciate is how Meghan has portrayed them as a load of racists. When confronted by a journalist a few days after the Oprah interview, he said, “We are very much not a racist family.” He’s right, they’re not. Why would Prince Charles have invited the Kingdom Choir to perform at the 2018 wedding if this was the case? Also, if the group had found the future king racist, they would’ve backed Meghan and Harry.

Also, Harry would’ve been banned from marrying Meghan if the family were racist. We’ve spoken about this a lot, including in a recent post on a flaw Meghan exposed. It seriously sounds like we’re repeating ourselves here but oh, well. William understands his position as a future monarch, but his brother is very similar to their Uncle Andrew who is the spare son alongside their other uncle, Edward. The same applies to their great-aunt, Princess Margaret who was a spare to The Queen.

Since Meghan came onto the scene, she has made Harry feel like he is just as important as William, despite having always known he will never reign. Markle’s treatment of her in-laws is something that should never be stood for. She has no right to say that her husband’s family is racist when she doesn’t have a relationship with anyone from her own family except her mother. Then, there are the stupid reports of how she wants to move on and forgive. For god’s sake! She doesn’t give a damn about anyone but her rich friends.

William had every right to be concerned. Also, he was not the only one to warn Harry to get to know Meghan. Tom Inskip allegedly tried to caution his longtime royal pal but was shunned.

No, Meghan Is Not Going To Be Queen Or Bring The Monarchy To Its Knees

William will never forgive Meghan for trying to destroy everything his grandmother worked for. She came in and tried to shape the monarchy into her image. When she ultimately failed in her quest, she screams ‘racist’ and her followers simply believe her without any of the hard truths that have been debunked since pretty much the beginning. However, her friends are trying to silence those who know the actual truth.

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To all of those Sugars out there, Meghan will NEVER be Her Majesty The Queen. For you to want this, would mean you want to bring about the deaths of four adults and three small children. Grow some balls or boobs for that matter. That just makes you horrible human beings. Markle will never understand the term ‘tradition’. Some Americans don’t which are mostly the ones who worship this D-list former actress who couldn’t even survive two years of duties when she was a performer on screen for almost twenty years.

Meghan might have her groupies fooled but her delusions of grandeur are only making her look more saint-like in their eyes. Not only is this revolting, it is also shows what the family was worried about; an interloper attempting to tear down everything that has stood for a thousand years because she didn’t get what she wanted.

William’s reign as King of England will be one of joy. It will bring about a new era of the monarchy, one of which will not include his brother or sister-in-law. That ship, unfortunately, has sailed. If Meghan and Harry were to show up to the coronations of either Charles or William, they would be likely booed or worse. They would draw the attention away from those who actually matter.

Also Meghan has no power and won’t bring down the monarchy.


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Once upon a time, William and Harry had a very close connection. They had each other’s backs but all this changed when Meghan entered the Firm. The now-Duke of Sussex stopped visiting Prince George and Princess Charlotte and became somewhat aloof. He suddenly became constantly angry because everyone was ‘opposed’ to his new woman.

When William asks him to slow his relationship with Meghan down, Harry considers his big brother a ‘snob’ for simply looking out for his best interests. As we’ve mentioned before, Tom Inskip did the same but was iced out of a wedding reception invite. Apparently, the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip also had something to say about it too.

Meghan charmed much of the family but Princess Anne allegedly could see through her act. This is supposedly where the ‘racist comment’ came into play if Harry is to be believed.

After the cutthroat interview with Oprah, the entire royal family and Britain as a whole is wounded. Harry and Meghan’s approval ratings plummeted and William and the other members of the family were left shellshocked. The Duke of Sussex had officially turned against them.

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