Netflix has become a way of life for the world of streaming services nowadays. Originally an American only service, Netflix has evolved to include almost every country in the world. Many of the movies Netflix has to offer are a mixed bag. However, some of the films are enjoyable. There are also others that just aren’t worth the energy. Same applies for the television shows that Netflix has at its disposal. Movies are something I have always lived and breathed, but I’m picky with what I watch. I don’t go by trends so don’t expect me to say or watch what everyone else is watching or saying about the films I’ve chosen.

On this page, I’ll be discussing some of the flicks I’ve watched and I’ll be offering my opinions on whether they’re worth watching or not. I’m normally a good judge of character when it comes to movies so I hope you like my choices. I’ll be covering many of the holiday movies and a few of the other genres.

I cannot wait to share my thoughts on the films I’ve picked and I hope you enjoy my recommendations as much as I did watching them.


We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes: How The Film Breaks Down Superhero Stereotypes

The newest superhero movie is not what you might think. It’s not DC or Marvel related but the heroes are pint-sized and break down the stereotypes we’ve been accustom to for so long…

A Christmas Prince

How The A Christmas Prince Movies Share Similar Aspects To The British Royal Family’s Meghan Markle

It’s time for a viewing of A Christmas Prince and its two sequels…