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Home And Away: Christian Goes Wild After His Near-Death Experience

Near-Death Experience

Christian’s near-death experience has undesired results this week as he starts running wild…

Tori’s not going to be happy with Christian when his attitude after his near-death experience changes him. He’s already told Jasmine about having had an out-of-body experience when he was under the effects of the drug Lewis gave him to stop his heart. According to Back to the Bay, the neurosurgeon’s behaviour becomes erratic and he ends running into the ocean butt-naked… quite literally and is found by Tori when she goes for a run.

Lewis’ attempt on his life makes Christian realise that he got lucky when Tori and Jasmine found him and he just wants to live in the moment. This new perspective terrifies his fiancé as it is totally out of character for him. This is not the same man she wants to marry and raise little Grace with. He is someone who looks and sounds like him but isn’t. All she wants is to plan their wedding while wants to take a freediving trip to Norway.

Could Christian’s near-near experience pull him closer to Jasmine who is still struggling with everything that has happened with Lewis? She strips down to her bra and shorts and joins him in the surf – only, he’s fully clothed for this time. If photos in TV Week are any indication, they get pretty close if not, borderline cozy.

This could ultimately fracture Tori and Jasmine’s friendship again. They’ve only started to be friendly again after the nurse’s infatuation with little Grace when she was just a newborn. If Jas accidentally or purposely makes a move on her friend’s man, then it could be more than over for them as pals. After all, you didn’t see the doctor go after Robbo when he was alive. The only thing Morgan asked of him was to be her baby daddy.

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