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Home an Away: More On Leah’s Disappearance

Leah Patterson-Baker isn’t one to go down without a fight. When she disappeared before last year’s season finale, a can of worms opened about where she might be and who might have her. We’re also looking at yet another mystery psycho! At least its better than whatever’s going on with The Bold and the Beautiful right now!

We’ve spoken about the disappearance before, so we went over it again and we kinda agree with Back to the Bay. However, they’ve gotten some fresh information that we thought we’d share.

Is Our Mystery Psycho An Anti-Feminist or Obsessed?

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According to the newest Back to the Bay article on the storyline, the man isn’t someone we’re familiar with. Turns out, the mum-of-one is being held captive by a dude named Douglas who is clearly unhinged.

In the latest promo, we actually seeing his face. However, we don’t get know his motives for kidnapping Leah. So, is our mystery psycho an anti-feminist who simply hates women or is he just obsessed with the Summer Bay local? As of yet, it’s unclear, but if this week’s teaser is anything to go by, it might be a combination of both.

The blog posts that were published after the site was reactivated were misspelt and were anti-feminist. However, it also appears he has a fantasy of wanting to be with Leah. First off, she’s not the type of person to submit to anyone.

When she received that phone call, he clearly had something on her. But what could he say that could make him capture her? If we had to guess, he threatens to hurt her friends and family if she turns him now. From the photos that were also released, mystery psycho is beating her into going what he wants like a Stepford wife. Since they’re not together officially, that would be where the wedding dress comes in.

If Douglas wants to Leah to do what he wants, they need to get married.

The Police Can Do Nothing

In tonight’s episode, Justin reports the ‘engagement’ photo to the Police, but he gets news he doesn’t expect. They got in contact with Leah and she say told them that she wanted to start a new life and that she is fine. The cop in charge then told Justin to let it go as it made him look like a stalker.

The conversation surprised Tori who, much like Justin knows something isn’t right and Leah is being held against her will. We’ll see later in the week that Justin goes to Colby for help in finding his partner

Will Colby go against his superior’s orders and help Justin in finding Leah?

Will Leah Return To Her Normal Life Without Issues?

The spoilers for next week indicate that Leah will go back to her normal life after her traumatic experience. However, it will be hard for her to adjust back to her regular routine as her friends witness changes within her. We can understand how she might be feeling as she has not done anything normal in weeks.

Why Would Mystery Psycho Go After Leah?

We have thought about this question a million times since we discovered what this new storyline was going to be. Now, why would mystery psycho go after someone as open as Leah? We all know what a badass she is and she’s never caved to anyone. So, why now? What does he have on her that she doesn’t want getting out?

So, we worked out that he’s some random dude that followed Leah’s blog. Right, so does mean that he’s crazy obsessed? Does he only want Leah because she’s a feminist and wants to show her that a ‘true woman bends to a man’s commands’? Whatever the case, we’re going to be feeling the effects pretty soon.

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