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My Baby Swap Article Got Featured On Soap Dirt!


I got the surprise of my life today! My Bold Baby Swap article that I posted six months ago got hyperlinked in an article on Soap Dirt!

For the last six months, we’ve been plagued with the Baby Swap storyline on Bold and the Beautiful. We’ve seen Hope’s baby be taken in by Steffy who thinks she’s the daughter of Hope’s newfound cousin, Florence “Flo” Fulton.

In a recent article published on Soap Dirt in the last 24 hours, there’s a passage that is linked to my Baby Swap article! Here’s a look! I tried to get the path box thing at the bottom when my cursor passed over the link, but I couldn’t.

[Credit: Screenshot by Me!]

This is really exciting as this has never happened to any of my posts before. Sure, I’ve had Dork Side stories retweeted, but nothing of mine has ever been used as a hyperlink.

When I was checking my stats in Jetpack when I saw one I saw a link under the Referees section. I wasn’t sure how it got there by I was happy I was getting views for it. I checked my article stats and it has gotten over 700 views in just over 7 months! OMFG! Thank you, guys!

I want to thank Kelly Joyner at Soap Dirt who wrote the article in which my article’s hyperlink was used. Thank you so much! It means so much that people agree with me that Beth should be with her parents and that Reese and Zoe should be in prison cells.

I hope you guys love my blog and I hope you stay tuned for any developments in the storyline. There’re posts I want to write about it so be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for updates!

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