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Home And Away: Who Bites The Dust?


Murder most foul comes to Summer Bay…

Finally, something to distract us from the shit storm that is Harry and Meghan! Also, we haven’t written anything on Home and Away in a while so we thought now was the right time. While all the other storylines on the show have been mediocre such as Nikau’s new job becoming an obsession to please Sienna, we haven’t had a murder mystery in a while. Sure, we got Mason’s shocking death in 2019’s season finale but we know who was responsible for his death.

Back to the Bay reports that this week will see a body wash up on the beach of Summer Bay, and it’s someone we all know. Now, they’ve ruled out a number of possibilities. These include:

  • Leah
  • Justin
  • Marilyn
  • Mackenzie

The reason these four have been ruled out is because there have been set photos popping up on social media from the cast between breaks on set. Episodes are shot up to six months in advance of them airing on television in Australia. So, what begs the question who is the victim, who is responsible for their murder and why? Well, Back to the Bay posed an interesting theory.

Could the victim be the scam artist, Susie?

We haven’t seen Susie for a while. If this is the target, then who kills her? Back to the Bay suggests it might be Stephen, the guy who has joined Leah and John in finding the scammer as he was a victim too. We know nothing about him outside of his claim that the scam artist destroyed his marriage and took him for granted.

Could Be Totally Obvious…

Finally, it wouldn’t surprise us if this was the case. Home and Away has a habit of hyping something up but it’s not what we expect. Take the bus crash from a few years back as an example. It was hyped up to the point it made the front of TV Week magazine with the text “Who will die?” across the front. Then, it turned out that it was a background character no one cared about who died.

With the possibility that Susie is the murder victim, it wouldn’t surprise us if it was. Also, it would be obvious as to what the motive is; revenge and justice for her ripping off so many people.

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