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The Bold And The Beautiful: Look Out Brooke, ‘Causes There’s A New Mrs Ridge Forrester Coming To Town!

Mrs Ridge Forrester

Brooke is used to be Mrs Ridge Forrester and so Taylor, but what happens when someone takes their place? Look out, ladies!

There’s going to be a new Mrs Ridge Forrester arriving but it’s someone we already know. Yep, that’s right. It looks like Quinn is getting her wish of having her best friend, Shauna Fulton be a ‘Forrester matriarch’. However, there is an issue: Brooke is still married to Ridge… oh…

After all the scheming, Quinn will dancing around Brooke as if she’s won a drinking competition for the second year in a row. Having her bestie be Mrs Ridge Forrester is enough for her to sing Shauna’s praises. However, she does realise that the Dressmaker is already married to her current number one enemy, right?

Shauna’s Return To LA And The Bombshell She Drops

We theorised a while ago that Ridge and Shauna’s bender in Las Vegas would end in them getting hitched. Well, it turns out our theory (and our ultimate fear) has come true that we’re dreading what’s to come. So, how will this begin to play out?

Shauna returns to LA and appears to remember marrying Ridge in Vegas, however, when she drops the bomb on him, he doesn’t recall it at all. That is because he was so smashed he’s got parts of his memory missing. Quinn, being Fulton’s cheerleader will be so happy that her bestie has the man of her dreams.

From the promo last week, Ridge is surprised when Shauna hands him a marriage certificate which declares they’re Mr and Mrs Ridge Forrester. Oh, god! Only question is, did he put in the divorce papers that Brooke signed a while back? Because if he didn’t, he’s committing a crime.

What We Think Might Happen

When this gets back to everyone else, they’re going to be shocked and dismayed at what he has done. We know from the same promo as mentioned before that Ridge tells Steffy (who will be out of hospital by then) that his marriage to Brooke is over which surprises her.

If we had to guess, Shauna is going to play the happy wife scenario with getting the dream guy. However, there’s going to be a load of obstacles in the way. One of them is Brooke whom will finally be forgiven by her ‘destiny’. *gag us, please!*

We have zero doubts that Quinn is going to run interference to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Then, there’s Brooke who is getting the rough end of the stick so to speak because she screwed up. Like Ridge hasn’t stuffed up a million times! Exhibit A is him kissing Shauna and thinking it’s fine! We’ll just take that gag order now, please!

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