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Who Was Omid Scobie Prior To Being Harry And Meghan’s Mouthpiece?

Omid Scobie might be the Sussex mouthpiece everybody loves to hate, but who was he before Meghan and Harry?

Before becoming the official journalist, ah! Sorry, the mouthpiece for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who was Omid Scobie? He had not hit the big leagues of royal reporting until a few years ago. He wrote for celebrity gossip magazine Heat as mentioned in this side-by-side comparison of his face before and after plastic surgery and possibly, skin whitening:

[Credit: Lipstick Alley]

It’s hard to believe that such a good-looking man could become a royal-hating mouthpiece in the name of a D-lister like Meghan. Also, if you look at the image above, you’ll see that he went to nightclubs with Jodie Marsh a glamour model who is said to be trashier than Katie Price, according to the Tumblr blog anonymoushouseplantfan. Just for the record, Katie Price isn’t that bad.

It is even said that his colleagues at Heat never thought he would become friendly let alone friends with royalty.

Before Meghan even came onto the royal scene, no one had even heard of Omid Scobie unless you read Heat. We’ve spoken a bit about the mouthpiece in recent weeks and believe us when we say, we take no pleasure in this. He has done nothing but praise Meghan and has very rarely called her out for anything. He got his ultimate dream to write a biography on her and he did with Finding Freedom which was all but ghostwritten by Markle with the sugary sweetness she is known for.

Omid even got to contribute to the coverage of Prince Philip’s funeral with Gayle King. In the last week, Scobie has been called out for not being able to back up his facts when he accused Prince William and his team of staff of leaking stories about Prince Harry’s mental health which has been put out there by the Express.

Omid Would Continue To Struggle Without Meghan… He Owes Her

It has been evident that Omid has received several ‘promotions’ over the last few months. He went from royal correspondent to royal reporter, to friend of the Sussexes. Without Meghan’s backing, he would still be peddling celebrity gossip for another trashy tabloid and call it news.

As the Steeple Times points out, Omid might be a mouthpiece for the Sussexes but his past is somewhat of a mystery. They much like us, have come to realise that Scobie doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page which a lot of true journalists have.

Without Meghan, Omid wouldn’t have access to the royals at all. Also, if he thinks he can lie and get away with it, he’s sorely mistaken. Richard Eden has even called him out for lying about his age as explained in The Sun. Too bad no one actually believes his tall tale. The article reveals that he actually denied telling Times reporter Andrew Billen that he was younger than he actually was.

Umm… Andrew Billen has been a journalist for more time than Omid has even been alive. Also, The Sun article we’ve linked above has said Scobie makes the claim that the seasoned journalist who spoke to him, never been asked his age. Not to mention, he makes the absurd claim that Billen ‘insinuated’ that he was the same age biographer Andrew Morton was when he wrote Diana: Her True Story.

We find this very hard to believe that Andrew Billen would make such a critical mistake. Omid then told Tatler, according to The Sun article, that he ‘knew what the journalist was trying to do.’ However, the magazine checked with Billen himself who was in fact told by Scobie had told him he was 33. The transcript backed up what Billen had said.

No Better Than Meghan

Omid Scobie is not a journalist of any description. His idol is not the humanitarian she claims to be. Hell, he even admitted she was wrong about something. Wow, like the rest of the world isn’t human. Everyone is prone to making mistakes but it is people like the Sussex mouthpiece that make it look like only Meghan can make them. Look at how he got YouTuber Yanky Wally suspended from Twitter and is trying to do it to her YouTube Channel.

Meghan schemes to get what she wants which ends up with her plans backfiring. Omid is no different. He went from gossip writer to royal editor/reporter/correspondent/fried of the Sussexes with the story of how he actually got there not known. This sounds oddly like when Meghan and Harry refused to show their children to the world and then complained they wanted privacy but did a walkabout for the paparazzi.

All in all, Omid should be slandering people for the sake of his friends. Yes, we’re saying Harry and Meghan are his friends because they go to him with stories. How else can he say that Prince William and his staff were leaking stories to the press? It’s because Meghan and Harry told him to do to put the future king in a bad light. Clearly, it backfired.

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