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Everything We Know About Monsters At Work

Monsters At Work

We haven’t heard about Monsters At Work in a while…

Our favourite Pixar movie, Monsters Inc already has a prequel (with a continuity error that the creative were aware of) in Monsters University. Its sequel isn’t actually a movie, but a series in the form of Monsters at Work. Not a lot of information is know about it and there hasn’t been any recent news.

That’s why we’re going to talk about all the things we currently know about Monsters at Work, according to the Disney Fandom.

Time Frame

It’s been said that Monsters at Work will be set six months after Monsters Inc. This has been confirmed in an interview with Billy Crystal (Mike) he did with Collider and it will feature Mike and Sulley. However, they will not be the main focus.

Main Character And Redesign

As we mentioned before, Mike and Sulley will be in the series, but they will not be the main focus. Instead, they will be supporting characters to newbie Tylor Tuskmon who will serve as the protagonist.

Originally, he was meant to be a thin, yellow monster as seen in the left image above. Then, Pixar did a redesign which is the one you see on the right.

From what we know about Tylor, he will work as a member of the Monsters Inc Facilities Team (MIFT). His best friend will be Val Little who is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran.

Cameos From Waternoose And Randall?

Now, since Monsters at Work is a sequel to Monsters Inc there has been questions raised as to where the film’s villains, Waternoose and Randall will appear in the series. The answer to that is no, they won’t. Whether the show’ll explain it in any way, is get to be seen.

When Will The Series Drop?

Originally, the show was meant to drop to Disney+ in 2020, but there were delays. In the same Collider article above, Billy Crystal believes the series will debut anywhere between September-October 2021 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Monsters Inc which is in November.

However, this is just Billy’s opinion because he said also that he wasn’t sure when the episodes drops.

How Long Will Episodes Be?

According to Crystal in the aforementioned Collider article, the episodes will vary between half an hour to an hour in length.

Roz… And Roze

[Credit: Amino Apps]

Remember the slug lady, Roz who obsesses over Mike’s paperwork and was “Always watching” him?

Well, she’s back in Monsters at Work and she’s bringing her twin sister, Roze with her.

Original Movie Cast Returning With One Slight Change

Most of the cast from the original film will return for the series, including:

  • Jennifer Tilly as Mike’s girlfriend, Cecila
  • Bob Petersen as Roz
  • John Ratzenberger as Yeti
  • Billy Crystal as Mike
  • John Goodman as Sulley

Smitty and Needleman will return also but they will be voiced by Stephen Stanton. Their original voice actor Daniel Gerson died in 2016 of brain cancer.

Smaller Details

  • Monsters at Work is the first 3D television series for Pixar.
  • Second television series collaboration between Disney and Pixar while the first one was Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Production on the series got pushed back to early 2020 with much of the voice recording being done remotely.
  • Wasn’t mentioned during the Disney Investor Day presentation.
  • The story for the first season is one long story.
  • No reference to Boo making a cameo.
  • The show will be the second series to have its animated done by another studio but will still remain under Pixar’s watchful gaze.

Other Characters

There’s going to be new characters introduced during the series. This is the current list, according to The Hollywood Reporter along with the actors behind them.

  • Millie Tuskmon, Tylor’s mother – Aisha Tyler.
  • Val Little, Tylor’s best friend – Kelly Marie Tran.
  • Duncan, a plumber – Lucas Neff.
  • Cutter, who loves to follow the rules – Alanna Ubach.
  • Fritz, Tylor’s boss – Henry Winkler.

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